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Life Changer – Baseball Athlete

By Gary McCoy –

Have you ever read a book that became a life changer? Usually, its because you took action- did something different with the new knowledge you acquired. It’s rare to find something that awakens your mind- but you can find something that is a tipping point- the final piece of a puzzle you’ve been trying to solve.

Thats the way it was for me with Foundation, by Dr. Eric Goodman and Peter Park.

Have you ever noticed how ANTERIOR society is? As I type n the keyboard- the innate pull forward is an enemy of overall human movement. So too- are our one sided rotational sport patterns. We often train the anterior- and forget the other haf of the equation- the Posterior Chain.

Posterior Chain neglect kept my SI joint screaming. Access to pain killers in pro sport locker rooms did little to relieve the issue. I suffered this for 5 years… somedays- barely able to operate as a strength and conditioning coach.

It’s been 2 weeks since beginning the program and pain- is gone.

What I need to do now- is retrain my subconscious that it’s now OK to bend over and pick up a dumbbell. I’ll feel OK – and out of pain playing in the park with my son. I’ll feel OK playing catch with my daughter. I’ll feel ok- playing tennis again with my girlfriend.

Im normally on the side of creating programs that make a difference in an athletes life. Being on this end, is life changing. Physician…heal thy self… there is something to be said about professional need- to develop community with other professionals- if simply for the self impacting share that can exist.

2 weeks to pain free? Just 2 weeks- and the Foundations Lifestyle lies ahead. Best $25.00 I ever spent… thanks to Dr. Tim Brown.

Next step…returning to play…

Source: Baseball Athlete