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The Foundation Training Level 1 Certification courses provide extensive understanding of our principles, exercises, and instruction protocols. The cost of the Level 1 Certification is $3500, which includes the 6-module online education portion, the 3 day in-person skills training, student teaching with support, and video test out. 

Why Get Certified?

The Foundation Training Certification is more than a class explaining how to teach exercises. It is an education of understanding pain and the body’s endless ability to adapt. It is an invitation into a community of collaborative practitioners, coaches, and teachers dedicated to helping others. It is learning how to empower others through awareness, movement, and perspective. People are hungry for guidance in a world filled with assorted and contradictory options for pain management, Foundation Training provides the missing link combining treatment and prevention.


You cannot lead anyone farther than you have been yourself. Your movement patterns when you treat expose your own strengths and weaknesses. Be the example your clients need.


Individuals want to be treated as a whole person, not a symptom. They want results that last longer than a session. Be the practitioner you wish you had.


Stay one step ahead by providing the resources to adapt before pain or injury demands it. Integrate a model that thinks outside the box with principles easily integrated into any practice.


Prevention practices that are clearly understood and easily integrated into life create a culture of proactive choices. Help others perform at their highest level by establishing the culture of health.


Train your clients to work smarter, not just harder, by priming movement patterns that maximize the utilization of the most efficient muscles with a comprehensive focus on concentric, eccentric, and isometric training of those muscles.


Pain medications only cover symptoms temporarily. Nagging injuries don’t fix themselves. Help your clients take ownership of their health with tools that can be done anywhere, without any equipment, and directly applicable to their daily life.


Establish a focused recovery plan that improves breathing capacity and body awareness, while sustaining the movement patterns that offer an edge.


Stop adjusting for poor movement patterns and change them. Avoid breakdown by setting up conditioned responses that create durability rather than compensation.


Don’t let your clients buy into the idea that getting older means falling apart and/or giving up what they enjoy doing. The body is always adapting, ready and willing to change if you offer it the right input.

The Path to Certification

Online Education Portion

The online education portion is a 6-module self-paced online course that opens up 2 months before the in-person event date. You are expected to complete the lessons and related assignments for each module in full prior to the in-person event. It demands approximately 30 hours to complete the online portion.

In-Person Portion

The in-person portion of the certification is 3 days focused on skills training. You will be utilizing and applying the information you have learned and practiced during the 6-module online education. The event will begin Friday at 3pm and wrap up Sunday at 4pm. Days will be active, collaborative, and fun.

Student Teaching Portion

After the online education and in-person portions are completed, you are considered a student instructor. As a student instructor, you are required to complete 50 hours of student teaching within your scope of practice on the road to completing your certification. All 50 hours must be completed within the 6 months following the in-person event.

Skills Test Out Portion

After you have completed the online portion, in-person portion, and 50 hours of student teaching, you are ready to complete your final test out. The skills test will be completed over video chat (FaceTime or Zoom) with an FT Core Educator. It will be composed of you teaching a model a series of FT exercises and answering questions on the fundamental principles of FT. The test out is not intended to be competitive or stressful, but rather a collaboration and sharing of knowledge. We are here to support and help you become the best instructor you can be.

Details of the Online Education Portion

  • Self-Paced Modules
  • Module Breakdown
  • 6 topic-based modules with lessons to complete at your own pace leading up to the in-person event.
  • Written lessons with creative visuals will give supporting concepts like muscle chains and breathing processes new depth of understanding.
  • Video lectures and innovative anatomy instruction from 3D models will give an understanding into the anatomy that is simply not possible on living humans.
  • Case studies integrated into the study will allow student instructors to work through application as they learn the concepts.
  • Application and critical thinking questions provides guided hands-on learning to apply the material.

Module 1: Decompression Breathing

  • Breathing
  • Complacent Adaptation
  • Decompression Breathing
  • Anatomy: Breathing Muscles. Skull & Ribcage Bones. Anatomical Directions.
  • Exercises: Decompression in Supine, Prone, Standing, Lunge

Module 2: Anchoring

  • Stability
  • Anchoring
  • Inward Anchor
  • Outward Anchor
  • Anatomy: Anchoring Muscles. Pelvis & Lower Extremities. Muscle Contractions.
  • Exercises: Anchored Back Extension, Anchored Bridge

Module 3: Integration

  • Pulley System
  • Active Alignment
  • FT Integration
  • Anatomy: Joints. Muscle chains. Planes of Movement.
  • Exercises: Integrated Hinge, Founder, Kneeling founder, Forward Fold, Basic Arm Layers

Module 4: Nervous System

  • Nerves
  • Networks
  • Compression Points
  • Anatomy: Nerves, Nerve Plexus
  • Exercises: Shoulder Tracing, Supine Leg traces, Advanced Arm Layers

Module 5: Patterns

  • Movement Patterns
  • Adaptation
  • Anatomy: Gross vs Fine Motor, ADL’s
  • Exercises: FT Squat, Woodpeckers & Woodpecker Rotation, 8 Point Plank

Module 6: Program planning

  • Task Breakdown
  • Teaching Skills
  • Treatment Planning
  • Program Planning

The Student Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can anyone do the program?

    Although Foundation Training as a practice is designed for everyone, the FT Instructor Certification Program requires a deeper dive into anatomy, physiology, and related concepts of physical movement and rehabilitation. A desire to learn and willingness to put forth the effort is really the only prerequisite.

  • How long will I have access to the online education materials?

    Until March 13, 2064, at which time we hope to have launched our 3D hologram program.  In the meantime, you will have access and we will update the program as improvements occur.

  • What if I don't do the final test out?

    If you don’t want to get certified you do not have to do the final test out. We totally understand that some individuals would like to go through the education program solely for the sake of their own knowledge base and without the intent to become a certified instructor.

    If a skills test is not attempted within six months after the in-person portion, your designation as a student instructor will be removed. You will still keep access to the online education but you will need to start the certification process again if you desire to get certified in the future.