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Get Certified

Thinking of becoming a Certified Trainer?

Due to the pandemic, we suspended all certifications until it is safe to resume in person events. We have utilized this past year to establish a more comprehensive and effective certification progress moving forward. This will increase the level of education, understanding, and ability to apply Foundation Training for future instructors, along with giving our current instructors new resources.

We will be updating this page regularly to let you know where we are in the process. Please come back here for updates. But rest assured, we will loudly and proudly announce when registration dates are open.

PLEASE NOTE the online education portion of the certification process is a prerequisite to the in-person portion, not the whole certification itself.

The new certification process:
  1. Six-week online education
    • Videos, lectures, handouts, case studies, and homework to better facilitate understanding and application.
    • A deeper dive into anatomy, using digital approaches to clarify in a way that is not possible on living humans. Supporting concepts like muscle chains and breathing processes explained with innovative special effects. Case studies integrated into the study, allowing student instructors to work through application as they learn the concepts.
    • Ongoing support from Core Educators to help problem solve and promote critical thinking.
  2. Two day in-person skills training event
    • Applying the information learned during online education and fine tuning of the exercises.
  3. Fifty hours of student teaching
    • Completed within your scope of practice at your own pace after the in-person event.
    • Continued ongoing support from your Core Educators.
  4. Test out over zoom
    • Demonstrating competence in both teaching and understanding the material.


    • How long will I need to spend each week for the online portion?
      • Approximately 10 hours per week, which includes the guided homework practice.
    • When will the online education portion become available?
      • The online education portion will open 8 weeks before each in-person event.
    • When and where are the in-person events going to be?
      • We are currently anticipating our next in-person even to be October 2021 in Hawaii.
      • Certifications thereafter will be held regularly in the US and internationally, but exact locations and dates are to be determined.
    • How much is it going to cost?
      • The entirety of the 3-month certification process (including online education, the in-person event, student teaching with support, and test out) will cost $3500.
    • Why is this taking so long?
      • Our priority is to create quality education over a rushed quick-change. It takes time to create an entirely new 6 week curriculum. Filming, editing, writing, editing, creating, editing, designing, editing, rehearsing, editing. We are working very hard to make sure this done accurately and well.
    • How will I know when I can sign up?
      • We will be making several announcements through our social media channels as we finalize details of the release. You can also check back on this page, as we will update regularly.
      • If you are not already following us on Instagram and Facebook, please do so to stay best informed.
    • I am already certified, do I have to take the course again?
      • All currently certified instructors will be provided free access to the online education with a year to complete it at their convenience. All instructors will need to complete the online education series to maintain their presence in the Find-a-Trainer list.