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Eliminate chronic pain effectively with our specially designed corrective exercises that target the root causes of discomfort and pain.

correct posture

Elevate your posture by expanding and engaging your body from the ground up, promoting a healthier and more confident stance.

improve balance

Develop better balance and regain confidence in your life through focused training that enhances stability and coordination.

build strength

Target key muscle groups with precision and unlock your true physical potential, leading to greater overall fitness.


The exercise that started it all. Feel how your body connects in this simple looking but challenging move. Learn to stabilize and strengthen your spine while moving from your hips as nature intended.

Designed by Doctors. made for everyone.

Foundation Training is clinically tested and approved to help reduce and even eliminate chronic pain.
Join our community and access the most complete library of corrective exercise videos ever assembled.


Foundation Training is the #1 doctor-recommended corrective exercise program. Foundation Training uses specialized movements to address and correct muscle imbalances and movement patterns. Our corrective exercises can help improve the quality of movement, joint stability, and overall body alignment.

It’s simple; Foundation Training targets the root cause of dysfunction and relieves pain.

Developed originally for his own back pain, Dr. Eric Goodman’s corrective exercise program will get you pain free in less than 30 days.

Reduce pain and build strength with exercises designed for all ages and all body types. Feel better both mentally and physically with Foundation Training.


Jeff Bridges - Actor

“The human body is an instrument to train, practice, and manage until it becomes not second nature, but first nature in how you manage stress, recovery, and your health. Foundation Training’s visionary approach to mindful movement and harnessing the body’s natural ability to heal is powerful… it’s given me the tool I use for a pain free existence.”

Lakey Peterson - Pro Surfer

“Practicing Foundation Training has been one of the most critical decisions of my surfing career. I had recurring lower back problems when I was a bit younger, but since starting Foundation Training I have felt constant improvement with little to no pain whatsoever. It helps me continue to become the best athlete I can be.”

Rickson Gracie - Jiu Jitsu Master

“As I started to do Foundation Training I had a completely different feeling in myself and how I handled positions. I had never done breathing exercises the way they showed me. All the techniques are simple and very executable and made a big difference in my lifestyle.”


in-app training

Doctor Recommended Protocols

Access a unique and comprehensive library of tutorials, classes, and workouts tailored to enhance your well-being.

Diverse Community

Engage with real people, just like you, on our forum to dive deeper into discussions, receive expert guidance, and connect with peers sharing similar experiences.

No Equipment Necessary

Foundation Training follows you wherever you go! Available on iOS and Android devices, stream seamlessly on your smart TV, laptop, tablet or phone!


Global Instructor Network

Receive personalized instruction from experienced teachers worldwide, offering real-time guidance and detailed explanations.

Individualized Planning

Get customized plans tailored to your unique needs, optimizing efficiency in achieving your goals.

Immediate Feedback

Benefit from real-time form assessments and expert guidance on modifications for targeted progress.

Versatile Training Options

Choose between in-person and virtual training formats to suit your preferences and schedule.