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Bog Dogs Secret Stash – Building a Solid Foundation

By: Alex Hutchinson

When I returned to Mountain biking at 35 years old my fitness level was terrible. I was 25 pounds overweight and struggling with Bronchitis. Through Mountain Bike riding, training and racing I lost the weight and got in top form but I started having problems with my lower back.

At 37 when I started BMX Racing the same problem came up. My lower back just couldn’t handle the workload of working, riding, training and racing. My back pain affected my outcomes, forcing me to miss more than one event.

I let the excuses rule for a short while. You know them – old age, genetic predispositions, Physical limitations – the lies we tell ourselves when life seems too hard. Yet I couldn’t deny that there were others older than me who managed to keep their bodies strong, healthy and competitive even into their sixties. There had to be a common sense answer. I looked through the literature to find out what was available and came upon Foundation Training.

This is the system used by Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey to keep fantastic fitness despite the demands of their professions. Created by Dr. Eric Goodman, Foundation training is a series of exercises that condition the posterior chain of muscles for a more well rounded core.

The principles matched my needs so I bought the DVD, learned the exercises and started following the workout routines. It has only been a few weeks but you immediately feel a difference in the targeted muscles. My posture both on and off the bike has been positively affected.

This summer I’m focusing on building a stronger back and core using this system. I’ll keep you all updated as to the results. Hopefully we’ll be able to see a difference in upcoming races this fall.

Source: Bog Dogs BMX