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May 2020 Newsletter

May the 4th be with you!

Welcome to your May Newsletter!

A “company” is essentially a group of individuals working together to achieve a shared goal or ideal. A “community” is also defined this way. As both a company and a community, Foundation Training is committed to adapting to the changing needs of individuals and groups.

We update our exercises, we explore new movements, and we’re addicted to sharing what we learn. Over the last two months we’ve decided to go live on various streaming platforms as often as we can in addition to putting out daily quarantine videos on our streaming site. This has enabled us to engage with you, connect with you, and continue to be the resource we believe our mission to be.

We know that we’re successful because you’ve let us know. We endeavor to maintain our responsiveness in the days, months, and years to come. We’re grateful that you continue to lean on us for your self-care, and thank you for teaching us a few things along the way.

– The Foundation Training Team

New on FT Streaming


Your May Monthly Workout

In lieu of our monthly workout we’ve decided to put a Quarantined DAILY Workout with Program Director Jessie Salas. We’re literally all in this together.


FT for Pregnancy

Last month we launched our FT for Pregnancy Program and the feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive! Visit our streaming platform and see how a few modifications to our work can make all the difference for your body during your pregnancy!

Tips, Tricks, and Coaching Cues

Initiating a Proper Hip Hinge

The goal of a proper hip hinge is to maintain spinal integrity. Where we initiate the hinge from determines the success of our spinal stability and strength development.

Avoid initiating hip movement by tilting the pelvis anterior or posterior. Altering the position of the hip by tilting it forward or back can result in pin-point pressure in the lumbar spine, creating compression.

Remember, we want to move with spinal integrity. Try this:

  • Bring one hand to the low back and the other to the belly
  • Feel for muscle engagement and body position beneath your hands
  • Take a deep, expansive breath and begin hinging back
  • Pay attention the your spine stays stable throughout the movement
  • Before hinging forward to standing, secure your position with an anchor
  • Exhale and come up to the starting position

As always, take your time easing these tips into your next session and be patient as your body learns to retrain habits and patterns.

Your spine is meant to move, but shouldn’t be your primary mover. Learning to move from your hips while maintaining a stable spine will help prevent future degeneration from occurring.

– Jessie Salas
Program Director

FT Anatomy with Dr. Goodman


Hip Hinging Anatomy
As we’ve talked about previously, it’s essential that we maintain stability in our spine as we hinge our way through life. Here’s why:

The low edges of the spinal column, the space in which the low back and pelvis have the most communication, is also a typical breakdown point in the hip hinge pattern.

The sacroiliac joint (SI) tends to flex or extend ahead of the pelvis, creating an abrasive angular torque on the cartilaginous disc tissue. These pressures over time yield degenerative disc disorders and many common pain symptoms.

The spine must be strong and able to move well, but in most cases it should not be the initiator of motion. That role is up to the pelvis and the powerful muscles that surround the bones of the pelvic structure. It is the pelvis that is designed to maneuver the malleable spine. Its movement initiation provides a healthy platform for the angles of the spinal curve and offer evenly dispersed pressures throughout the joints of the spinal column.

Learn to hinge in a way that challenges and strengthens your torso.

– Dr. Eric Goodman

Virtual Instructor Spotlight

Each month we’ll be bringing attention to an individual from our incredible Certified Instructor community. Each of our Instructors bring something different to our work and we want to share that with you!

This month, we bring you a bigger spotlight, a bigger picture.

Meet our GLOBAL Instructor Community

People are having trouble in the non-emergency health industry, it’s a reality that can be helped by getting gift certificates, maintaining your gym membership during the tough time, supporting your coaches, therapists, and teachers by letting them know you’ll be seeking their services once life lifts a bit.

We’ve got over one thousand instructors around the globe and a lot of them are VERY EFFECTIVE over Skype or FaceTime training. We will be starting a campaign to push towards CyberTraining during this time.

If you need FT type Symptom Relief we would seriously suggest finding a certified instructor and asking for a virtual session. The list is up and live on our site! Our organization will not make any money from anything you do with FT instructors, just know they are a legitimate option and plentiful. We want all of you to collectively feel better.

– The Foundation Training Team

Upcoming Events


Level 1 Austin, TX – Sept 18-20, 2020 (The Onnit Academy)