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How To Turn On Your Butt, Activate Deep Breathing & Decompress Your Spine – BenGreenfieldFitness.com

By Ben Greenfield

It’s no secret that I am a fan of intricate, somewhat OCD morning routines. From waking up to take HRV measurements and gratitude journaling to lovingly filtering my coffee through a stainless steel filter, to performing intranasal, in-ear and retinal light therapy to using a squatty potty, an infrared sauna and a touch of Kundalini yoga, my morning routine has continually evolved as the science of beginning one’s day with an optimized body and brain gets better and better.

decompress spine

As I highlight in my last article on my morning routine, I used to do a 10-15 minute series of yoga and calisthenic moves as the hot water brewed for my coffee: a seemingly perfect way to get the breath and blood flowing.

But I don’t do those moves anymore.

Instead, I now have a far more effective way to “turn on” my butt, decompress my spine, activate deep diaphragmatic breathing and much more, and in this article I’m going to tell you exactly what I’ve added into my morning routine.

The Problem With Gravity

It all starts with gravity.

Just think about all the different things that happen when gravity hits your body: specifically when it comes to the ability of gravity to adversely affect processes in some or all of the following physiological systems:

Your respiratory system, because a compressed rib cage limits the lungs’ ability to expand and diminishes your breathing capacity…

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