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Reclaim your Health

and Vitality

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Say Goodbye to pain

What is Foundation Training?

Foundation Training is a simple solution that gives you the means to change the way you move and correct the imbalances caused by our modern habits.

Through a series of body-weight exercises, Foundation Training activates your posterior muscle chain, anchors the hips, decompresses the spine, and teaches you to take the burden of supporting the body out of your joints and put it where it belongs; in your muscles.

No matter your age or your fitness level, Foundation Training puts you on the path to wellness.

Who Is it For?

In short, everyone. Carefully researched and designed over years of working with top athletes & first responders, Foundation Training provides the building blocks for lifelong fitness, either as a stand-alone program for pain relief or a jumping off point for more advanced exercise.

As the human capacity for performance moves forward, we require an equal measure of...

Everything we do is either building us up or breaking us down...

Make a difference, not just a living...

Investing in your team means investing in your company...


– Practice FT anywhere, anytime
– Train in as little as 10 minutes a day
– Save and watch offline on iOS and Android mobile apps
– Roku, Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, and Android TV apps now available
– 14 Day Trial included in subscription


Hear from others

The human body is designed to thrive against gravity – else we tend to age rapidly and get injured. Foundation Training is the answer to my many years of research on the negative effects of sitting. It is a ticket to discover a more vibrant health life – no matter your age.

Dr. Joan Vernikos, Former NASA Director of Life Sciences & Author of Sitting Kills, Moving Heals