Give your body every chance to enjoy strong, coordinated movement for as long as possible! By adding 10-30 minutes of Foundation Training to your daily routine, every move you make will benefit.

Start Here

1) Watch Dr. Eric Goodman’s talk with Dr. Mercola to get an understanding for how our modern sedentary lifestyle is leaving us less and less healthy at younger ages. Pain, depression and exhaustion are all a message that you are out of balance physically, mentally or both and this is why proper movement is imperative fpr a healthy life.

 2) Once you’ve understood why proper movement is so important, begin practicing Foundation Training exercises with disc 1 of our Foundation Training Fundamentals DVD and read our book, True to Form: How to Use Foundation Training for Sustained Pain Relief and Everyday Fitness to understand the science and logic behind the exercises we offer.

 3) Once you’re feeling confident with the Fundamental exercises add layers of strength with the more advanced workouts in disc 2 of our Foundation Training Fundamentals DVD.

 4) Broaden your skill and understanding by taking a class in your local area or working privately with a certified Foundation Training instructor. If there are not classes or instructors in your area yet, contact us to arrange a Skype class with a certified instructor.

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