Foundation Training Connect [Streaming]


Foundation Training Connect [Streaming]


Discover our simple, proven method using the untapped power in your own body to heal your pain in minutes a day at any age or fitness level. 


Foundation Training Connect will show you how to master our signature movements – anytime – on any streaming device (computer, tablet, phone)

Here’s what you get with Foundation Training Connect:

  • Step-by-step, easy-to-follow video instruction that you can easily fit into your busy schedule to jumpstart your pain recovery 
  • Simple tutorials on our signature Foundation Training movements that you can do anywhere, anytime (with no special equipment or dedicated time commitment needed)
  • Unlimited streaming access from any device so that anytime you have a minute, you can access your program and easily fit in your daily movements
  • Daily workout routines (many that are 10 minutes or less) that you can do while brushing your teeth, at your desk, standing in line for coffee or even during a commercial break while watching your favorite show
  • Over 2 ½ hours of lessons, exercises, workouts and bonus material.

Now you can join thousands of happy clients who’ve already discovered the Foundation Training program and are enjoying a more pain-free, stronger and healthier body from the comfort of your own home.

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Product Description

Here’s what’s inside the Foundation Training Connect program

Fundamental Workouts

Fundamental Workouts contains 10 tutorials and learning sequences that help you take the first steps toward a strong, healthy, pain-free body. You will learn actively adapt away from all of the compressive forces we are surrounded by in our daily lives.

The great news is that you have the opportunity to choose to live in a consciously different way. Fundamental Workouts shows you how changing the way you move can build you up and bring you further towards health, rather than breaking you down and taking you further from it.

In this section, you will learn how to build a more powerful posture, which leads to improved quality of movement and in turn becomes a foundation for health. When you have a strong, supported structure, the things you choose to do with your body become more achievable.


  1. Decompression Breathing Tutorial
  2. Founder Tutorial
  3. Fundamentals 1 – Founder with props
  4. Fundamentals 2 – Supine Groundwork
  5. Fundamentals 3 – Founders and Lunges
  6. Fundamentals 4 – Lunge Series
  7. Fundamentals 5 – Prone Groundwork
  8. Fundamentals 6 – Foundation Series
  9. Fundamentals 7 – Lunge Pulse Series
  10. Fundamentals 8 – Test Yourself

Daily Flow Workouts

Once you understand what it feels like to Decompress your body through Fundamental Workouts, it’s time begin to apply these principles to movement with Daily Flow Workouts.

Daily Flow workouts challenge your body in new ways growing strength you didn’t know possible. By focusing on full-body movements that utilize entire muscle chains, the sequences in this section bring your body balance and stability. No matter your starting point, you will grow stronger and more powerful which in turn will allow you to perform better at everything you do.

Furthermore, Daily Flow Workouts deepen the connection you feel within your body and develop an awareness you may have never experienced. This newfound understanding of the way your body works will carry over throughout your day enabling you to sit, stand, run, cartwheel, or however you like to move with ease and confidence.


  1. Adding Layers
  2. Integrated Hinging
  3. Short Flow Workout
  4. Flip Flop
  5. Slow Cooker
  6. Flow Workout

Expand Your Training

Over 60 minutes of new bonus material! The third section is Expand Your Training where you’ll find tools, information, and additional workouts. The awesome part is that this section WILL GROW. We will continue to add lots of bonus material, content, and resources to enhance your training and thus your strength.

Bonus Workouts


True To Form Workouts

These two workouts bring to life the workouts that appear in True to Form, Foundation Training’s latest book. True to Form shows readers how to integrate and incorporate Foundation Training into their everyday lives. It’s a perfect companion piece to Foundation Training Connect because it deepens your understanding of Foundation Training and shows you how to correct and protect your body from the structural havoc our modern lifestyles and movement habits create.


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