Erik Einertson

May 2016

I am 45 years old. I have been experiencing back pain for over ten years now. It has turned chronic. Over the years I have developed bad posture and repetitive movements  - especially while working construction. I've had several flare ups and I have been to the doctor office on a monthly basis for pain. Physical Therapy has not helped much either. I felt there was no help for me and there was no way I was going to be able to work or surf anymore. Thankfully someone told me about Foundation Training and I purchased book and dvd set. It was hard for me to get out of my funk I had been in for so long because of pain, but Dr. Goodman's style of teaching is awesome. He posted his MRI results on the Foundation training home page and I was so happy that someone could relate and overcome the same injury as me. Thank you so much for helping me get stronger and more pain free everyday. I recommend FT to everyone!

Erik Einertson

From Foundation to Farmer


52 years young. Teacher. Coach. Organic Farmer. FT since 2011. Chronic back pain and dependence on a chiropractor, 1993-2011. I think about Foundation Training every day and engage my back in some type of FT daily. Recently, in the dark of the morning, I was feeding and watering the chickens (they they love when I bring out tasty compostable kitchen scraps, too!). On the way back to the house I slipped on ice on our brick patio and completely lost my balance. Glass bowl in one hand, flashlight in the other, I was almost in a free-fall when the FT miracle happened. Somehow I landed back on one foot and my entire posterior chain symmetrically activated and brought me back to a position of balance! NO PAIN. NO STRAIN. NO INJURY. I walked straight into the house and pronounced to my wife, "God bless Dr. Eric Goodman and Foundation Training!!!" Since 2011, I have done triathlons, half marathons, moved entire households, raised pigs, sheep, goats, chickens and gardened all day long in the hot sun........but that "save" on an icy Indiana morning saved me from broken bones, concussion, broken glass and a myriad of potential inconveniences and hospital bills. Simply DO IT.....IT will definitely enhance and maybe even save your life!

Steve Baney

What FT has done for me!


Hey Foundation Team!

I suffered a L-5 compression fracture 6 months ago and have not been able to find a work out that helps with my back pain until now. I began Foundation Training 3 days ago using your free YouTube video and I have noticed such an incredible difference in how I feel and operate. I feel more mobile, more flexible, and just overall better after using this! Thank you so much! I appreciate you for genuinely caring about the people of this world and what you have implemented to make a difference. I want to become a Foundation Trainer in the future and help to spread this effective solution to people who are in need of it. Thanks again!


-Scott Watson


Great improvement


I have been following the foundation training for 5 months, suggested by the doctor in chiropractic whose consultancy I am attending. I do it on a regular 2/3 a week basis. No more any backpain! I am a soccer referee at National level. I am Italian and I live in Italy. Thank you!

Marco Buscema

This thing will save and change your life


Long time surfer / kitesurfer / stand up boarder, work out every day, well in my 40s. August 2015, my back went out on me for the first time in my life. Stuck on a sofa for several months, couldn't stand, sit, or even lay down on my back, got drugged up pretty bad by doctors without a clue on how to treat a herniated disc (S1 L5). Worst experience in my life, thought my ocean days were over. Deep inside I knew the solution was in moving the right way, but where I live no-one really knows how. So I kept searching the web until I stumbled upon a surfer's website. His workout were too rough for me - I was still hardly able to walk - but he mentioned Foundation Training on his blog, so I checked it out. Seemed soft enough for me to try, so I did, through the short videos. Initially I was hurting when doing the founder, but my gut feeling was to keep trying. Went on to purchase the videos, did the fundamentals day in day out for a full month. It was like a miracle for me. Slowly but surely, the unbearable hip pain that radiated all the way down to my toes began receding. Couldn't believe it. After a month or so, moved on to Daily Workouts. I found them hard, especially the forward fold, I would have never have dared do something like that just 2 weeks earlier. Kept on going. 6 monts after my back went out, and about 2 months after starting the FT program, I was back in the water. Life saver. Now I know back pain is all about posture. Learn the right postures, stretch and strengthen the posterior chain, and keep doing so forever. And you'll be fine again. ~Surfer from Morocco

Yanis Massard

Fell off the wagon


I found the workout through Dr. Christianne Northrup's recommendation. I started 3 x's per week about a year ago. Then I got busy & three weeks have gone by of not doing them. I noticed how stiff & flabby I felt. Today I begin again.
Your workouts bring vitality to my body -which in turn positively affect my mind.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Mary B Mead

It's done wonders for my lower back


My wife & I have been using the video you have on YouTube for several weeks & follow it several times a week now - though we're buying the download today!

We've been getting full instruction by doing a weekly beachside class run by your Sydney trainer, Johnny Gannon, who is fantastic. We're looking forward to Eric visiting next year.

While we have been doing yoga & Pilates for several years, Foundation Training is the only method I've come across that has really fixed my lower back. I've spent most of my adulthood in front of a computer so had mild pain constantly till I found Foundation Training. It's also let me enjoy a new activity in life, surfing, by making my lower back pain-free while laying on a board.

There's not much more to say - it works, so just go do it. Regularly.


Mark Hubert

My favourite treatment to back pain


I purchased the book 2 years ago because I understood I needed to improve my core strength if I wanted to get rid of low back pain but never really decided to read it.
I an 44 and I have L5 L4 bulged disk since I am 18, so I have a chronic mild sciatic pain /piriformis syndrome almost every day.
I started the training about 3 months ago. After 10 days I realised my back was changing, pain decreased and after 2 months. I really feel my body is changing shape and I feel great.
I am a swimmer and the exrcises helped me to reach an hydrodinamic shape in the water I would never imagined, now I am 30% faster. I am suggesting the course to anybody I know with back problems.

Silvio Gianox

3 years of chronic pain, improved


I know this sounds insane but I have been in chronic pain for 3 years on and off. I did PT, Acupuncture, Prolotherapy, Chiro, Yoga and nothing made me feel this good this fast. I literally did the first 3 exercises and in 10 minutes I am able to stand up straight and walk. Will see how this lasts, but very impressive. I have almost no disks at L3-L4 & L4-L5, Spondylothesis of L4 vertebral body back over L5 & L3 forward over L4 causing foreman narrowing at both of the above levels and central spinal stenosis on nerves/cord at L3 L4. FYI I was told I needed three level fusion by one surgeon. I hope this works and I never have to go on to surgery. Will keep you updated. Thank you.

Mohamed Teleb

Real results


I wanted to wait a few months before vouching for this program just to make sure that I could truly attribute the change to the program. I ruptured L4 a few years back, pinched C4 after that, and this year I had a bulging L4-L5, L5-S1, and then tweaked my SI joint. I would get massages, do self myofascial release, and stretch, but every so often something would put me out of the game for a few weeks.

I had a chiropractor tell me to watch the youtube video and I tried it. I felt better immediately. One session in. I bought the book and adhered to the plan for 6 weeks. My posture is better, my muscles are stronger,and the pain is gone. I am 5 months in now and it affects how I workout, how I walk, how I live. I am not worried about a pinch or a tweak. I can feel my body adapt and the issues that I have had for 4 years are gone. Instead of my back seizing up and laying me out, I just feel a bit of tension and I will do a "Founder" and return to whatever I was doing. I do the routine about 3 times a week now. Thank you for this amazing program.

Rich L

An essential element every practitioner should try


My colleague and I have read the original book and have incorporated Foundation Training principles into training our patients with a spectrum of chronic spine problems. I have also been using the basic poses for my own back issues to correct my own postural issues. I even send clients home with your FT site link on their phones where they can watch on their own- great time management! Your videos are succinct and easy to follow. Thanks for helping us fill a gap in understanding spinal chain training. It's made my job easier to train people, and the results speak volumes.

Jason Strock, P.T.

Perfect for golf


Foundation Training is absolutely perfect for perfect posture in the golf swing. From set-up to finish, these exercises help with strength and conditioning for the complete game. Even with the bending over for putting. I spend a lot of time on the practice green putting and my back used to ache. But now, my back feels stronger and I have more endurance than before. I feel the positive effects of lengthening my spine which is critical because I have had two herniated disk surgeries and am 66 years old. Thank you guys. This is amazing.

Cody Curry

Back pain, weak legs


All pain gone in back! If I stop workouts PAIN returns.

Still on my bike an average 45 min. 3-4 days per week. Will go 90-120 in summer now and then. DOB 08/05/1941

Cleben Trahan

Chronic problems disappear


I have had problems with my back for decades. I have regularly gone to physics, osteos, etc or a regular basis sometimes just for back pains and other times for serious acute inflammations that immobilised me. I have tried the gym and exercises that I was given by various practitioners over the years. However my back has got steadily worse so no week went by that I did not feel restricted. I fell across the Foundation Training program a year ago and decided to buy the dvd set as I could see what I was doing was not working. I started the program slowly and have got more serious about it as my back steadily improved. I am still not completely "right" but I can now do physical work without having to go to get my back adjusted. In fact I have not gone to a practitioner for 10 months. I still get tightness but it just works itself out by itself now. Now I can go days without even thinking of my back. An amazing program, costing me a pittance really, that has improved my quality of life immeasurably and has improved our financial position at the same time! 🙂


Andrew Weiler

Unexpected Benefit


For the past week I have been doing the online Lower Back workout while waiting for the disc to arrive, and had a great and unexpected benefit. I have had an issue with my bladder for nearly 20 years (I'm 46), where after urination and zipping up I get a sudden overflow. Pretty embarrassing. Gone! Also, my stream had been restricted and now is back on full. Additionally, I have regained a lot of sensation, and my wife adds that I am "more robust"- sounds a bit over the top, but not kidding.

Your Foundation Training was recommended to my wife for her sacral iliac joint pain by Dr. Cythia Daw in Salt Lake City, UT. My wife had positive unexpected results as well. After completing the first 12 minute Lower Back workout online she experienced a full-body, 12 hour, myofascial release- surreal and a bit ecstatic for her, as it also helped with her bruxism and small intestine. Her sacro-iliac joint is improving, with more strength and less pain.

It is important to note that we both have vast athletic backgrounds, are fit, healthy with no complications, non-smokers/tokers, within 5-10lbs of our ideal weight, have good muscle tone and response: we listen to our bodies and are amazed at how fundamentally this has already helped.

Our 2 disc set arrived today, and we are excited to begin the full training.

Dan Gerhart

Help for Piriformis Syndrome


I suffered with Piriformis Syndrome and bursitis in my left hip for 9 months. It was painful and debilitating. I sought help from physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and sports medicine physicians but the only relief I got was from cortisone injections, and that relief only lasted a couple weeks at most.

I never thought that my back was the root of the problem until I discovered Foundation Training. I tried one of the short free videos on the Internet and immediately felt a change. So, I thought, I'll do this video for a week, but it won't help my hip. I was so wrong. Within 4 days I wasn't waking at night with hip pain, within a week my pain had subsided by at least 60%. I was so impressed (and surprised) that I purchased the book and downloadable series. It has been over a month and I can honestly say that I have almost no pain in my hip any more! This has changed my life. I am stronger, pain free and totally addicted to the program.

I am an ER nurse and now recommend the program to all my patients with back pain.

Marleis Garvin

Thank you Foundation Training


I have suffered from chronic back pain for over 20 years until I discovered Foundation Training.

Coming from a very physically demanding Military unit I returned to civilian life barely being able to put on my shoes in the morning because of the lack of flexibility and pain. I was able to maintain an active lifestyle through stretching and even some "as seen on TV" gimmicks which had some benefits, but seemed to only be temporary relief. I was even desperate enough to buy a $5000 hot tub which is very nice, but is far from the answer to back pain.

I have been determined to continue an active lifestyle and continue my career in Law Enforcement, but I began to lose time at work and about twice a year my back would "go out" and I would be completely immobilized for a week or two. Long hours of sitting in a car with duty gear pushing against my lower back and walking with the off balance heavy gear hanging from my hips had completely taken its toll and I was beginning to wonder if a medical retirement or back surgery was the only option.

I discovered Foundation Training from a fellow student on a work trip several months ago and I have been practicing religiously. It has completely turned things around for me and I expect to continue to improve and live my active lifestyle and enjoy my career indefinitely.

Randy Fisher

Incredible Healing


18 month ago, I asked my therapist if there was any new program to "cure" my back problems. I knew she had a very bad back and she said she had "cured" her back problems with Foundation Training. I asked if she meant "cured", or just better. She replied is was "cured"... I went home and started the course and in 5 weeks my back pain went away (including spasms). In 7 weeks my knee pain went away, and in 9 weeks my neck was considerably better. Now we are recommending that golfers try this wonderful posterior chain builder. It reactivates the glutes which are the foundation for ball striking. The other obvious benefit is looser hamstrings for flexibility and an increased shoulder turn. I wish this program had been around 30 years ago.


Marshall Savage

Aging Chiropractor recovering and loving Foundation Training


After a twenty year Navy career I chose Chiropractic for a second career. Thirty years of practice left me stoop shouldered in retirement with chronic low and upper back pain back. After two years working with Foundation Training, low and upper back pain are gone, and posture continues to improve. Thanks Dr. Eric, for inventing the wheel.

Arthur T Walker, DC

My Updated Testimony

I have written to you all before about how Foundation Training has helped me but I keep getting better so I wanted to give you an update. I got the MRI that diagnosed my 9mm herniated disk between L4-L5 and the 3mm herniated disk between L3-L4 that is torn in May of 2013 and was promptly told I needed a multi level lumbar fusion. I was 27 years old looking at losing my job as an RN after only working for one year. I did not feel that surgery was the right choice for me since I had all sensation and motor control. I found a wonderful chiropractor that wasn't afraid to work with me and he told me surgery was not my only option. I was there a lot but he helped me I was able to keep working. I read about Foundation Training in The Wellness Journal in August 2013 and proceeded to go for it after my chiropractor said that the exercises looked great. It got me out of pain quickly and helped me re-learn how to move the way I was always meant to. The exercises braced me for 2 car accidents I experienced in 2014 and helped me recover quickly. I share Foundation Training with anyone I meet who say they have back pain or ask me how my back is doing, I do the Founder exercise while in the Nursing station and have many of my coworkers ask about it so I go through that move with them too. This experience has opened my eyes to the sadly common problem of back pain and I want to give back so I am planning the attend one of the certifications in the Spring of 2015! I have gone from doing a 2 hour FT workout almost everyday in the beginning to about 20 minutes a few times a week because I have so little pain and because I know Foundation Training has truly changed the way my body moves at all times so it is like my whole day is FT exercises. Bending to get dinner out of the oven, picking up my friends kids, sitting at my desk, dressing/ turning patients, walking, hiking, and picking up heavy stuff looks very different now. I use the strong muscles that your program has reconnected me to for my movement and that has gotten out of some serious pain. Thank you so much!

Carrie Russell

Almost One Year Later...


On January 1, 2014 I bent to pick my dog up before getting into the car to drive from Vermont to Connecticut. Never made it.

As some have described, I heard and felt a dull sound that reverberated through my body. I then fell to the floor, ever so dramatically of course, and for the next hour felt my muscles tighten around my spine. My wife finally got me a stick to pull myself up with and ever invective in the world that I knew (having worked as a youth in a cloth mill I learned many) issued forth from my mouth.

I did some acupuncture and ended up dousing myself with advil though nothing stronger. After three days I got my questioned mark body to slowly move off the best, but the sciatica and pain suffused my body.

I did some research and read about Foundation Training. I found a wonderful trainer in Boston and after practicing on my own, had her check me out over several weeks.

I now find myself doing at least a short workout each day. I no longer have sciatica and am back riding a road bike in a competitive fashion.

Am I cured? No, I have to be honest for I feel that you can't be fully cured from such traumas. I do, however, feel more protected and some of the exercises give me the confidence needed to get on with my day.

When I feel sore from sitting too long at my job, I find a place to do a few specific Foundation Training exercises that I feel quickly give me both confidence and freedom.

I am excited to see this program grow and hope that as time goes on, some of the exercises can be tailored specifically to both sport and lifestyle of individuals.

jamie margolis

Heavy Equipment Pain


I am a Heavy Equipment Operator and the constant jarring and bouncing is HELL on the spine. Since doing the Foundation exercises along with the use of a Tenz machine my pain is minimal.

Patrick McKinney



I heard a pop in my groin after shooting a goal in a college water polo match in 1977. 35 years of low back pain and two weeks before my wedding last year I had a laminectomy. I had given up some sports and desperately hung on to others. While x country skiing in Central Wisconsin, my buddy says "you have to check out Foundation Training." I now enjoy work and play like a child. For the first time in years I can put my pants on pain free. How good is that.


Paul Dahlen

Getting stronger by the day


For the last three years I have been limited to lifting no more than five pounds due to a picc line and an operation. My natural strength disapeared. I feel like I was stronger when I was ten years old. For the last month I started back on Foundation Training and feel stronger every day. You can check out my story at

My wife who is 44 years old has been doing Foundation Training for the last two years and she has the body of someone in their twenties. She swears by the training because before she started she always had a sore back from her job as a dog groomer. It has also helped her with running.

chris scott

From chronic pain to 10 min plank


After 20 years working as a stuntman, going to the gym 5-6 times a week I felt like Hercules, but then my back went. Spent 18 months in bed! Now 5 years later I found myself as a chronic back person. I trained as a structural bodyworker and now I work with people with chronic back pain, but can only work 4 hours a day before the pain stops me.

But 5 weeks ago I found Foundation Training, and now my pain is almost gone! I'm back in the gym with new hope, and a job as a personal trainer! Yesterday I did a 10 min plank! How is that possible in just 5 weeks?? What can I say. Foundation Training safed my life! Getting better day by day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! From me and my clients!

My hope is one day to come to the states and become a part of the Foundation Training family!

Rene due Andersen

I have my life back!!!


I suffered from multiple muscle and tendon injuries. The worst of which was a significant tear in my glute. At the time, I was searching for answers as to why I kept having these injuries and why they seemed not to heal. I injured myself with very little activity, for example walking 5 minutes on the treadmill seemed to trigger severe tendinitis in my shin and ankle. My body seemed to falling apart and I had little insight as to why.

Finally, after 2 years of suffering, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Because my small intestine was damaged from eating gluten, I wasn't absorbing nutrients from my food and it seemed as though my body was just tearing itself down to survive.

Once I became strictly gluten free, I had the long road of having to rehab the many injuries and issues I was having. Physical therapy did little to improve the overall picture. It seemed to do well at targeting specific areas, however my issues were too widespread for physical therapy to make an impact.

Then, my chiropractor introduced me to Foundation Training. This was the perfect exercise that I could tolerate and functionally worked all of my posterior chain together to finally improve my health. My severely torn glute is finally fully functional and pain free, as well as my hamstrings, calves and the rest of my body.

Today I am able to truly workout and I keep improving everyday, thanks to Foundation Training!

Rosemary Leone

Never Too Late


I am a pre-Title IX woman, which means athletics were not a focus part of my upbringing. I mention this because by age 60, I was overweight and out of shape, so my family gave me a gym membership for my birthday. It is among one of the most precious gifts I have received, because it led me not only to begin a serious fitness lifestyle, but also to become a personal trainer.

In spite of getting healthy and fit, however, my body suffered from a lifetime of compensating for injuries and normal wear and tear. After pursuing a wide spectrum of interesting and useful fitness programs like running, Crossfit, gym workouts, TRX, Kettlebells, yoga, etc., I found that while I experienced so many benefits, my body still functioned within the compensatory faulty and imbalanced patterns it had learned over the years. And yes, there was the pain that comes from the incorrect movement patterns and muscle firing that progressively moved from my back to my ankle and foot.

I discovered FoundationTraining and have learned that fitness and health go beyond a personal best in weight lifting or a 5k or time on a WOD. It is a functionally fit and pain-free body that, as often cited in Crossfit, trains you “not to suck at life.”

Since beginning FT, my back pain is not only gone, but as the correct movements kicked in, the catching in my lower back, first migrated to my glutes and then totally disappeared. Imagine, a Kettlebell swing without that annoying catching/clicking during the execution. I then turned attention to the pain in my ankle/heel and, mistakenly, looked to other approaches like yoga, floor barre and general foot exercises. Big mistake! I heard that FT had an updated DVD program, so I checked it out and then purchased it. The FT retraining and realignment has been nothing short of miraculous. After almost two years (with over one of them staying off the road in my workouts), I had feared that the pain is just a cost of aging. Happily, I am so mistaken. The pain is almost gone, and continues to improve daily. Currently, FT is my major workout and, as I go deeper, I realize that I may never have moved correctly. I now move without having to consciously inventory the execution…it is becoming how I move through my life.

They say that as you age, you focus on how you can give back. Now, seven years after I took my new membership into the gym, I am more determined than ever to help people take control in order to live well and feel good is my contribution for paying it forward. I am so convinced that FT is that empowerment that eventually, taking the certification is on my bucket list. Taking control of your life takes willful commitment, but I encourage everyone to put in the effort. If granny can do it, everyone can. Thank you, Foundation Training for my better life.

Elaine M. Lange

Severe Low Back Disc Degeneration back to full function


I have been a Chiropractor for over 30 years, specializing in Orthopedics, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine. I was very hard on my body prior to practice, with many sports injuries, physically demanding jobs, and too much weight lifting (not the best thing for disc health). My second year in practice, I ruptured my L4-5 disc completely. It is 90% degenerated with bone spurs, etc. After retiring the practice, I have been (working even harder than I have ever worked) building a home, and as owner, laborer I did all the heavy, repetitive jobs that no one wanted to do. My back was killing me many times during the 3 years I have been working on every phase of this new home build. I found out about Foundation Training and have been doing them 3 to 5 days a week for the past 4 months and an SO GRATEFUL for Dr. Goodman's expertise, his work and research in this area. My low back is 98% symptom free and I believe these active exercises have been THE best thing I have done for my spinal health in 45 years. I am now 60 + years young, but I move, workout and work on our landscaping like I am in my 20s or 30s! Thanks for Foundation Training as a major part of my health and wellness program.

Dr Stephen R Summey

The Foundation is the missing link


I am a massage therapist and an athlete but until I did the Foundation Training exercises my muscle intelligence was weak; my glutes were strong but they did not hold me up into my heels. Nor did the adductors/abductors. Now that I am using the deeper layer I am less tired and stronger than ever. I have directed many clients to your site and shared the dvd and the ones who have actually done it have benefitted greatly. The Foundation Training teaches the body to fire in the correct order, and thus the body becomes more efficient. Thanks, Dr. Goodman & Co.

Jody Kenyon

This is type of training and knowledge is truly invaluable!!


Twenty-four years old and enjoying an active lifestyle with my new husband. A few months later came severe knee pain. Two different orthopedists and a year seeing a physical therapist and still no improvement or answer. X-rays and MRI's were negative. Knee pain turned into hip pain, which led to severe low back pain. The effects of over-compensation and poor bio mechanics had certainly taken effect and I was confused and discouraged, to say the least. Finally, at the age of 29, my chiropractor mentioned Foundation Training. On Christmas Day of 2013 I performed my first Founder and things have only been improving since. I was blessed to be able to incorporate Foundation Training exercises alongside the care of a great physical therapist who had the same understanding of the body. I am about to celebrate my 1 year "Foundation Training Anniversary" and feel stronger than ever before!! Pain is significantly decreased/eliminated, I move with confidence, and am beginning to engage in the activities of life that I have missed for so long.

I am most thankful that Foundation Training has not only allowed for me to get out of pain by strengthening my "true core" and learning proper movement patterns, but has been a source of educating me about the human body. I no longer panic when I feel pain, but am able to more clearly identify the issue and know what exercises will help me to eliminate the pain. This is type of training and knowledge is truly invaluable!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

Stacy Lingle

Achieving the Freedom


I have had lower back problems ever since I was a teenager. Through the years and after having three children, my back had gotten progressively worse. In my late 40's, I started having bouts of severe pain yearly usually during gardening season. I went for an MRI and found that I have a compressed disk in my lower back and a bulging disk in my upper back. Last year, my new chiropractor told me about your book and I also bought the DVD. The first time I tried the Founder, I felt the pain lessen and was so convinced that this program was for me. I do the exercises 2 to 3 times a week and feel great most of the time. I haven't gotten the severe pain this summer and am hoping I never get it again. Thanks for the exercises.

Virginia Brown

Now by back is rock solid!


Foundation Training is absolutely amazing. My back used to always hurt at least a bit and I thought that was normal. After the first Foundation Training workout, my back began to feel better. I have been doing Foundation Training for about 8 months now and my back is rock solid. I used to lift very heavy weights for many years and it took a toll on my body. For the last five or six years I have primarily done various types of calisthenics. A few weeks ago I was curious to see what the heavy iron felt like. I had not deadlifted in about 7 years. Years ago I did a bit of competitive powerlifting and the deadlift was always my weakest lift by far. I am now 55 years old and was able to deadlift 365 like it was a bag of groceries. I probably could have done 5 to 8 repetitions. I am sure I could have done 400 plus maybe even 500. The point is Foundation Training has made my back super strong without training with heavy weights.

I am an MD and frequently do spine injections for pain management. I have been recommending Foundation Training for many of these patients because I believe in it so strongly. Most people with back issues are weak and tight. Foundation Training solves that.

Lee Kurisko

New Lease on Movement


After a decade of endurance sports racing it was becoming more difficult to move through life without an incredible amount of day to day pain. All traditional medical remedies were failing including chiropractic care, physiotherapy, prescription drugs. It wasn't just that I could no longer participate in athletic events - it was to a point where I was (1) having difficulty being active with my kids, and, (2) I was considering the very real possibility of having to give up my career as a flight paramedic. I came across foundation about four years ago. After reading the original publications I immediately ordered the DVD and began to feel better in a matter of days within starting the workouts. I now do foundation exercises everyday of my life. EVERYDAY. I move pain free now. I am constantly telling everyone I work with who I see suffering the same muscular imbalances and erroneous muscle recruitment systems I used to suffer from about how foundation can help remedy this. More importantly I can now be the active father my children need. Foundation training has given me a new lease on life.

Michael Curry

Just the Beginning


Until about 6 years ago my back was pain free. Then my husband and I were asked to fulfill a 3-year responsibility that required us driving endless miles every month and sitting in endless meetings. During that time we ate at restaurants, slept in hotel beds, and I fell 3 times and had surgery twice (knee and gall bladder). Before the end of those 3 years my back was chronically painful. I sought a chiropractor who used Gonstead technique, but even that didn't help. Coming home, we resumed a normal schedule, but the pain stayed and has become significantly worse over the last year. Just last week it got so bad that I started an internet search for solutions to low back pain. And I found Foundation Training. I've been doing the [videos] twice a day for the last 3 days. I know, it's not much time. But the difference is amazing! After the workout I have no pain at all. As the day wears on, some of it comes back. Nevertheless, my back is stronger, the pain is reduced and reducing more, and I anticipate that I will soon be pain free. I hope so! At 60 years old my hubby and I are going to ride a jungle zip line over the canopy of trees in southern 2 weeks. There is a warning for people who have chronic back pain. That won't be me!


Julie Thornock

Feeling so good


I had huge back problems. Spinal Stenosis, herniated discs and Spondylosis from years of bad posture and sports injuries. I did yoga for many years but even some of those poses aggravated the situation and made things worse for me. I started Foundation Training and it has made a huge difference. I have no pain at all. My back feels stronger everyday. As a nutrition consultant, I find myself now telling my clients about it. I am hooked! Great program!

George Batista



I have had lower back pain for 5 years. Just constant aggravation in the lower back. Also have had numbness in my thumb and two forefingers in my left hand. My lower back pain disappeared after just the first two sessions of learning the movements. I bought the disc set and am currently on my 3rd week of practicing the movements. My hand numbness is 60-70% better and expect that it may very well disappear in 2-3 months. I could not be more sold on your exercises and program. By the way the MRIs indicated that I have a bulging disc in my neck and a herniated disc in my lower back.


Phillip Overton

Unfit and overweight - do this before anything else

Summer 2014

I purchased the Foundation Training (FT) dvd - and loved it. [It] is not "do these exercises to get fit". It is about retraining your body how to move properly in your life, with the added benefit of getting fit.

I am unfit and overweight and desperately needed something that was the right fit for me. Once I got "it" - it was like a "doh" moment. Ha - this is how you should move. I would be sore, exhausted and sweating. Loved it but life got in the way and I stopped for a while - but interestingly enough still kept the automatic hip hinge. After quite some months I have now got back into FT. I ditched an FT session prior to weight training yesterday (you know not enough time - in a rush etc) and both mentally and physically felt like I had cheated myself. I can't do all of the FT exercises fully yet, but with practice, losing weight and getting fitter I will become more accomplished.

Do not don't do this because you think it is only for those who are fit, an athlete or one who has suffered an injury - it is for everyone - especially if you are unfit and overweight. It will help you in the way your body moves which will help you with exercising. I love the way I can squat now - easy. FT is like good sex - you will sweat, tremble and be very satisfied.

Sue Pedler

It Works!


I have had nagging right sided lower back pain for years. My sacroiliac joint was unstable and I’d "throw it out" routinely. Now, if you've ever had back pain, acute or chronic, you know what I mean when I say that when your back hurts, it ruins everything in your life. Being an athlete with medical training, for years I stubbornly pursued many avenues of treatment, holistic and conventional. I read dozens of research articles on the subject, hunted down and visited numerous specialists in several states, and put myself through thousands of dollars of training including dynamic neuromuscular stabilization (DNS), Barefoot Training Certification, Don Tigney’s work, the Egoscue system and even Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) sequences.

In the late summer of 2013, I had an MRI and CT scan performed. My chiro looked at these and thought my spine looked “pretty bad.” My orthopedic surgeon was more admirably direct and matter-of-fact stating “Your spine looks like sh-t.” Here I was, a lifelong athlete dedicated to the pursuit of fitness and health, and I had somehow torn my own back apart in the process. I got pretty depressed.

Sensing an epiphany, I began doing the Foundation Training exercises... I do not exaggerate when I say that within a few days (< 1 week) I noticed that I wasn't throwing my back out. After a few more days, my back felt abnormal...meaning it didn't hurt. It was so strange (and welcome!) NOT to be experiencing nearly constant pain...

Since I began using the techniques in Foundation Training, I have remained free of the back pain and instability that had plagued me for years before. Interestingly, my left knee, quite commonly a source of pain, also stopped hurting. This latter tidbit may seem odd at first, but the knee’s function is strongly influenced by central (core) body control. I incorporate parts of the system regularly in my daily life…sometimes just a couple of movements and sometimes a whole sequence. For people who have back/hip/neck pain, I strongly recommend Foundation Training because it really hits at the essential components of human movement and function. For people who don’t have pain, I recommend the practice because even if you are pain-free now, you are probably well en route to developing it as pain is a pretty late sign of long-term dysfunction. To clarify, think of a car with bad front end alignment and an abnormally worn front tire. As with our bodies, the tire wear didn’t happen suddenly, but was a result of a long-standing alignment problem.

A little about me: I am an active 50 year old male in the final year of the Human Movement Master's Program at (ATSU), former Marine, currently Firefighter/Paramedic, Tae Kwon Do Black Belt, current Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner, Hardstyle Kettlebell Instructor, NASM Personal Trainer with specialization in Performance Enhancement and Corrective Exercise, DNS Sport Levels I & II, FMS I & II, Barefoot Mechanics, and just a nerd in general 🙂

Tony Ricci

4 B4 I'm 40!


I'm a 39-year-old married male who has an active lifestyle and I have 2 children ages 3 and 5. I have had 3 spinal surgeries and vowed not to have #4 before I turned 40. All my symptoms came back (tingling of right foot, radiating pain down the leg, you name it!). I was on my living room floor in tears thinking I was going to have to go back in for my fourth surgery and this time, possibly the "F" word! I told both my PT and Chiropractor surgery was not an option. I went through all the standard things they teach you to do at PT. It was good and it worked for a while. But, then I went to a Chiropractor (something I told myself I would never do again, because my last experience with one was HORRIBLE!!) However, I listened to some people from my church and I'm glad I did. He got me on this Foundation Training. He started me with the Founder and then I went and bought the DVD and book. WHY??? Because like I said, Surgery was not an option!! I have been doing the Advanced Workout from the DVD 4 times a week. I started with the book and then moved to the advanced workout. They tell you, you will feel a difference after 2 weeks. I didn't feel the difference until after 4 weeks. Again, I was in bad shape!! I have never felt better. I have added in some extra stretches on my odd days (hamstring stretches on the wall, and my roman chair). All of this has got me back to playing hockey with my kids, hunting, and the active lifestyle I thought I lost.

If you are on the border of this, give it a try. Honestly, I wish I would have known about this 20 years ago!! I could have saved myself and my back from surgery! This thing is for real!! All I can say is THANK YOU!!


4500km of Founders

July 2014

I had been planning a cycling trip down the GDMBT for a couple of years. I am happy to say that my dedication to performing a Founder based routine daily for the year leading up to the trip and then Founders anytime I was off the bike – in the rain, on mountain passes, NM deserts put me in a position where I had literally no spinal/back discomfort at anytime over the 50 days and 4500km of off-road cycling in very remote places. A strong statement coming from a 54 yr old well worn body. I even had a couple of kids imitating me while I was taking a break going thru a reserve in NM. AWESOME BODY OF WORK. It is my go to program for my patients seen daily in my Chiropractic Practice.

Tony Southwell

12 months on

Sept 2014

Hello, thought I would write to thank you for Foundation Training. 12 months ago I could barely walk, stand, sit or lay down as I was overcome with siactica. I had just completed a summer of triathlons and looking forward to a winter of running. Out of nowhere the pain started and within weeks I was wrecked. Physio provided mild short term relief and I was starting to get depressed. I heard you mentioned on a podcast and purchased your book in December. I read and re-read the book, I tried my first tentative 15 minutes, I stood up and walked, with no limp, still pain but no limp!! That was the end of 2013. On Sunday, 14th Sept 2014 I completed Ironman Wales, the transformation of my form and movement is incredible and yet I know it is nowhere near complete. I still get twinges which is my body nudging my mind back to thinking about my form. I never considered the base of my back could be 'ripped', but it feels more defined than any other muscle group I have!! Thank you for the book and online videos, they change lives.

Neil Caitens

A real lifesaver

April 2014

I have been doing [your] videos 2-3 times a day for a week. The reduction of my back pain is almost immediate when I am finished. When I start having an issue during my work day, I do the Founder stretch and the tension will be gone as well. I am 61 and suffer from MS. I exercise almost everyday to keep the disease from advancing. My energy level is increasing as well. Doing this program has been a real lifesaver for me.

donna luedtke

What a difference!!!!

April 2014

I can not believe what an all over difference in such a short period of time. Had a heel spur and nothing worked, but Foundation Training did!!!!!!!!

Frank Esposito

Totally changed my life

July 2014

I cannot recommend this product enough. I have spent so much money and time on physical therapy. Many therapists many programs, some helped more than others but ultimately I had to stop jogging due to serious back and hip pain. After getting my first job with good insurance I finally got x-rays, which confirmed that at 32 I had the back of a 60-year-old. Worn down discs rubbing on nerves causing all kinds of trouble. More therapy. I bought this book on a whim, read it, and found myself very skeptical of the bold claims made in its pages. I mean come on... it's not magic. Guess I was wrong. The basic routine in the book by itself already just lifts all my pain. If I just do that twice a week I have no problems, at all ever. I had problems walking before, I had all kinds of related conditions to my back pain like Planter Faciatus and what not. Now it's like a magic bullet. I am truly amazed by how potent the ideas in this book are and I strongly urge anyone with back pain to give this a try.

Yuri Kvichko

I can walk again

July 2014

A few years ago I was diagnosed herniated L3, L5 & S1 with spinal stenoisis which ended my Marshall Arts participation while working on my 2nd degree black belt. A few months ago I re-injured my discs which triggered an attack of my sciatic nerve, that sent a burning shooting pain down my leg. I went to a Sports Medical Doctor and was prescribed rehab. I would go into rehab feeling good and after the workout and trigger point massage would be in agony hours later I suffered for weeks while in rehab and spent thousands of dollars. Fast forward a few weeks later and my sciatic nerve flared up again & hurt so bad I couldn't walk, sit, eat, or put on my socks. I was on Vicoden and Percocets for the pain but nothing helped. I was basically bed ridden and a cripple facing surgery. After a few days of oral steroids to avoid recommended surgery I could again stand upright. I then started the Foundation exercises and now I am walking close to 2 miles daily to my job. I still have some pain if I stand still for too long but I can walk, bike ride, sit and am almost back to normal. When I do the exercises I can feel it deep inside my back strengthening the muscles and helping me live a normal life after 4 months. I'm looking forward to the summer golfing and bicycling and next winter against all odds back on the mountain skiing!!

Mitch Kahl

The Future of Human Movement

September 2014

As a motocross racer, Foundation Training has allowed me to move more efficiently and effectively on my motorbike. The Foundation Training movements will increase the longevity of my career because they are great for prevention and treatment of many injuries (not just back injuries). On top of that, they will improve my performance because I will be better able to create power using my posterior chain. After reading the book and watching the new 2014 DVD, I believe so strongly in the principles of Foundation Training that I just had to express my gratitude through this testimonial.

Kayne Duncanson
KM-Testimonial Photo

So much gratitude...

April 2014

I'm a former competitive / pro-athlete now in an office job with all of the aches and pains that came with both. I have been doing Foundation Training for about a year now.

A sincere thank you to you for the best workout I've ever found. The descriptions of what one should be feeling throughout each exercise have made the workouts relevant for me over the long haul, where I can constantly challenge myself to greater and greater strength. My posture is completely transformed; my digestive system operating at peak; my trips to the chiropractor are now just as a matter of quarterly preventative care.
Mere words, but sincerely, I thank you for the tools for physical empowerment!
Kerry MacMullin
JY-Testimonial Photo

The Answer

April 2014

Laying in bed one night, I found myself in tears wondering how many good years I really had left to workout the way I was used to, given the lower back pain I have had for so many years. Too, my body was beginning to show signs of breaking down with new joint pain in my knees.

Amazingly, within that same week I "stumbled" upon [Foundation Training]. Eric's story captured me immediately; a student of chiropractic medicine looking to avoid back surgery was totally believable.

I have since practiced the FT exercises faithfully (with amazing results) so that I now have a story to share, giving hope to others. As a certified PT in Fitness and Yoga my next step is to attain a certification in FT.

As it turns out, FT is more than an answer to the question that brought me to tears. It will no doubt be one of the best professional opportunities to cross my path. I can hardly wait to discover where this will take me and see how many people I can help! I am truly grateful 🙂

Julie Yenor

Long story short

January 2014

I'm a Chiropractor.  Long story short.  Chronic intermittent low back pain since I was sixteen.  Herniated discs in my low back probably 7 years ago.  Thankfully chiropractic care kept me out of surgery but I never felt like my back was stable.  About 2 years ago I developed an intermittent stabbing pain in my Right SI that was so bad that it would drop me to my knees.  It would happen at completely random times: Getting out of the car just normal daily activities etc.

I stopped playing basketball and golf (I had to use the club as a cane a couple of times it was pretty pathetic).  I couldn't go for a bike ride or wrestle around on the floor with my kids (All five of them).

I tried chiropractic traveling from KC to Tulsa to Atlanta trying multiple techniques upper cervical, full spine, tonal.  At times it seemed to help but very short lived, within a few days I felt just as unstable.

Like I said long story short.  I happen to see your TED talk and started with the breathing and basically what you showed in the video.  From this I found how to do a founder on you tube.  Within 3 days I new I was better.  Within 7 days I went from not being able to jog 10 feet without my back going out to playing full court basketball.  More importantly I was able to chase my kids around the house and carry them up the stairs to bed without feeling like at any moment I could drop them.  Thanks again.

Matt Metcalf

Thank you so much for this program


Thank you so much for this program. I am female, 61 years old, and have ridden Show Horses competitively for most of my life.

For the past 10-13 years I have had low back pain (degenerative disc disease, etc) and tried everything from physical therapy, chiropractic, yoga, massage, acupuncture, Celebrex and even went to an surgeon, hoping I would be a candidate for surgery. I powered through everything until a year and 1/2 ago, when I realized it was too painful to ride. I thought my riding days were over. That was so depressing, I cannot even begin to tell you.

I [recently] bought [the DVD]… Long story short, I am now a walking testimonial for Foundation Training. I am working out and riding again, and will be looking for a new Show Horse for competitions soon. I am also gradually getting into the best shape of my life!

I just wanted to thank you so much for Foundation Training. The program is truly life changing!

Sarah Scott

No more modalities!

My "everyday life" includes athletic training, i.e. power cleans, dead lifts, plyometrics, sprints, weight lifting (including some body building), squats, presses, weekly 5ks, etc. As I've aged (I'm 46) a handful of chronic issues have limited me in these activities. ART, chiropractic, and a handful of modalities kept those issues at bay and allowed me to perform the way I like to a degree.

Foundation Training - get this - has eliminated the regular need for ART, chiropractic, and modalities all together. I'm still a big fan of those things and get a "tune up" now and again. But I literally have had no NEED for any of them in months. I've only been doing Foundation Training for about 6 weeks. I have very very little pain at all anymore. And mind you, no one in any gym anywhere (on two coasts) of any age has ever watched me workout and said, "Boy that guy hasn't a clue how to lift weights. And he looks and lifts like a weakling."

Tim Pierce

Helped my knee pain

Previous to using Foundation exercises, I was a runner, cyclist, and weightlifter (not lifting much weight!). I had developed a very painful knee around the left medial collateral ligament and patella. I went to an orthopedic surgeon, had x-rays, and he came up with some exercises, without much of a diagnosis. I tried it for months before finding your exercises, doing them initially for good posture. Within one session my knee started getting better, but would start to hurt a few hours later. The more I did the exercises the longer the period of time there was afterward without pain. After 3 weeks of the routine every day, I stopped having pain at all. I haven't had knee pain since. I don't know how these "back exercises" helped my knee, but I'm sure there is a cause-effect relationship. Thank you!

Mike Benson

I feel 10 years younger

I am 45 years old and injured my back in my 20's incorrectly lifting heavy amplifiers.  One day it just gave out.  It would reoccur once every several years.  The recovery became more difficult as I got older.  This past May I pulled my lower back lifting my 80 lb Lab into a tub for a bath.  It would just not heal.  I could hardly carry my briefcase with a laptop in it to and from the office.  I finally went to a sports doctor and was prescribed anti-inflammatories.  It helped but my back still felt like glass.

My wife read about Foundation Training and ordered me the book.  I've only been doing the basic routine for two weeks but even after a few work outs I felt tremendously improved.  I caught myself walking down the street with perfect posture and with greatly reduced discomfort. The pain continues to recede and I can feel my back getting stronger.

In the last week I've pulled up old carpeting out of my basement, taken my kids bowling (3 games) and just feel awesome!  I feel 10 years younger all ready.  Before Foundation Training I was concerned about what kind of quality of life I was going to have in the future but those concerns are all but gone.  I can feel the strength building and can't wait to get further into the program.

Foundation Training is a huge blessing in my life.  I am so grateful that you found the way and have shared it with the world.  THANK YOU!

John Bruhnke

Chronic back pain is gone


I've been doing the program for about 3 months: loving it. Have lost my chronic back pain, have not been to a chiropractor in several weeks, feeling much better & definitely stronger.

John Prieskorn, Ph.D.



I have had low back pain since I was 13 for as a result of moving poorly to compensate for dislocating knees and lifting/moving wrong but it was something I could get through after a few days of rest and lots of Ibuprofen and Tylenol.

Then in February I had a huge fall at my home rendering me unable to put my chin towards my chest, bend forward, or even walk around my block without terrible pain. I finally got an MRI than revealed a 9mm herniated disk in my L4-L5, a 3mm herniation between L3-L4 with a tear and a rudimentary vertebrae between L5-S1, and a twisted sacrum.

I was told that my only option was a 3 level total fusion of my lumbar spine. I was devastated. I was 27 at the time and was looking at being forced to be medically retired from my career as an RN after only working for 2 years. I was determined to find another way and… then....Foundation Training!

I started showing amazing improvement right away and I was in tears at how quickly my pain started decreasing. My husband was in shock in seeing me move around the house again and enjoy life again (before FT I couldn't sleep, when I would make up I would just go lie flat on the floor and move only when I had to, and take the maximum doses on Ibuprofen and Tylenol to get through my shift while wearing a giant lumbar spine brace).

I am not exaggerating when I say it was miraculous. My co workers started saying that I was looking like myself again and I was able to do my job!!!! YES! I am so thankful for FT and for all of you guys working endlessly to get this amazing program out there. I am feeling so great and very optimistic about my future!

Carrie Russell

Foundation helped my daughter


At the age of 13, our daughter, McKenna, sustained a 6 mm herniation of her disc between L5 and S1. This was an acute injury from an ice skating accident approximately four years ago. Since that time, we have pursued every treatment option available to us, with the exception of surgery. Physical therapy, spinal decompression, acupuncture, and massage have all been defensive therapies offering little, if any, long term improvement. McKenna has continued to play competitive volleyball at the high school and Club level throughout this time. For 3-years it felt like we were simply going from practice to practice, never sure which one might be her last. We were referred to Dr. Eric Goodman last year. He introduced us to his ‘Foundation’ training at that time. At first, it seemed too directly focused on the lower back, and counter-intuitive in terms of strengthening versus over challenging the affected area. Dr. Goodman continually assured us that ‘this will not hurt you.’ McKenna continued with the sessions and began to feel a strength and confidence in her back that she had not experienced in years. Dr. Goodman provided the first tangible, long term benefit for my daughter’s lower back since we started battling her injury over 4-years ago. We are deeply grateful, and feel so fortunate that Dr. Goodman introduced his ‘Foundation’ training to Santa Barbara.

Rick Hogue

Thank you for making Foundation Training


I just want to thank you guys for making this Foundation Training. I got into a bad car accident almost 2 years ago. I’ve tried every treatment out there- many of which helped and I’ve had great doctors along the way but by far the best and most effective program I’ve done is Foundation Training. I am living pain-free, and have confidence in my back now. As you know the back affects everything you do in life and I had an extremely hard time dealing with that for a while. I was an active Physical Education teacher and for years was not able to do much. I’m now living my life again and want to thank you because of that!!

Mitchell Hall

Shocked to be pain-free and mobile


Two days before a major long haul flight to Australia, I re-injured my back at the L5/S1 level thanks to chores of motherhood. Given that my previous injury took three months to heal, I was feeling pretty doubtful about my recovery. However, despite the pain, I started my Foundation exercises straight away. During the flight, the pain was exacerbated by sitting. So, I made regular trips to the back of the plane to do a "founder", which really helped. Then, after about 10 days of regular Foundation exercises, I was shocked to find myself pain-free and mobile. I am astounded at the speed of my recovery. I've been able to get back into sports training with no residual problems. Fantastic!

Fiona Cull
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