Master Training Session – private and personalized instruction from our most highly trained team of expert Foundation Training instructors the world has to offer!

Work one on one with our Foundation Training Master Instructors as they travel around the country with our Certification Program.

Your one-on-one session with a Master Trainer will focus on your unique circumstances and goals. During this time you can:
  • Tap into the amazing knowledge and wisdom of your Master Trainer
  • Gain in-depth knowledge about Foundation Training beyond our book and program
  • Learn what you should be focusing on to address your specific lifestyle and integrate Foundation Training into your desired activities
  • Learn how to deepen your practice and move beyond to the next level
  • Address any questions or problem areas you are experiencing with your practice
If you’re a Foundation Training Instructor, you can also:
  • Hone your teaching skills
  • Enhance your instruction by learning the most up-to-date methods
  • Troubleshoot any sticky spots in your instruction to deliver ultimate value to clients
  • Help you prepare for and pass your practical exam with flying colors
  • Get feedback on any challenging clients or conditions

After you book a personal session with a Master Trainer, we’ll send you an intake form that will give your Trainer more in-depth knowledge about you and your goals.

Space is limited. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity and book your session below!

Master Instructors

Brian King

Brian is an FT Master Instructor who has been teaching with Dr. Eric Goodman since 2009 and has been a lead instructor for our Certification Program since it began in 2012. Brian has trained everyone from those recovering from injuries to professional athletes, and lots of people in between. He brings his intuitive approach to the human body and his passion for helping others to teach people to improve the way they move and feel.

    Gail DeSart

    Gail became our first officially Certified Foundation Training Instructor in 2012 and became a Master Instructor as part of our certification team in 2014. She also audits all of our Instructor assessments to help create and maintain consistency in the way Foundation Training is taught around the globe. Gail brings a wealth of knowledge from her nearly 30 years of experience as a fitness instructor and presenter. She currently owns and operates Mind and Body Wellness Studio in Ventura, CA where she integrates Foundation Training with Pilates and a variety of other fitness modalities. Gail will challenge you to work hard and expand your ability to find strength in the way you move.

      Chad Allen

      Chad has been teaching Foundation Training since 2013 and became a Master Instructor for our Certification Program in 2014, where he currently plays the role of lead instructor and director of our teaching staff. Chad has been exploring movement since his childhood and pursued professional dance early in his career. Since that time he has studied a variety of mental, physical and wellness approaches which he shares with people from The Xcelleration Station, his personal transformation facility in West Hollywood, CA. Chad will help you explore Foundation Training as a tool for your own personal transformation.

        Erin Low

        Erin joined the Foundation Training team in the summer of 2012 to help launch our Instructor Certification Program and has been teaching since 2013. She brings 20 years of experience in health and fitness instruction and management to her position as Program Director, developing and managing our hand-on learning programs. She loves sharing the gift of Foundation Training as a powerful tool for self care.

          Jessie Salas

          Jessie found Foundation Training after an MCL injury in 2014, Using The muscle integration principles as therapy he was instantly hooked on the benefits towards all athletic endeavors. Jessie comes to the team with a long history in Strength and Conditioning as well as martial arts. He coaches other practices from Kettlebells to Barbells as well as various movement practices. He believes strength is a skill and enjoys helping others see what they are capable of.


            Master Training Session

            From: $100.00

            40 minute Private Session with a Foundation Training Master Instructor while we are on location for one of our certifications.

            Just choose how many 40 minute increments you would like under duration, then select a Master Instructor from the drop down and choose an available date/time slot to book.


            Current Locations

            Boulder, CO
            August, 3-6, 2017

            Chautauqua Community House
            900 Baseline Rd.
            Boulder, CO 80302


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