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Foundations of Health


Expand your understanding of the body’s capacity to heal itself with Foundations of Health

The Founder of the proven Foundation Training program takes his teaching to the next phase, offering detailed understanding of our capacity to heal using the body’s built in systems, introducing a perpetual inner core of wellness and adaptability.

Dr. Eric Goodman’s innovative approach to self-healing—Foundation Training—has helped celebrities, athletes, first responders, and regular folks around the world feel and look better, and kept them active and fit. The core of Foundation Training is a unique form of biomechanics—a series of postures, poses, and movements designed to teach the body’s individual muscles to act within strong, flexible chains of muscles, shifting the burden of support away from sensitive joints.

Foundations of Health builds on this core program, going deep into the principles and practices to help us understand how to maintain a healthy body even when the mechanics eventually break down. Our bodies are built to heal themselves— without surgeries and prescriptive medications. The protocols focus on the endogenous cannabinoid stimulators—neurotransmitters that bind directly to cannabinoid receptors throughout the Vertebrate nervous systems—including the Central, Enteric and Peripheral nervous system.

Dr. Goodman explains the science behind the endogenous cannabinoid system and how it can be stimulated in natural and healthy ways. He recommends foods, herbs, and supplements likely to ease pain, lower stress, and boost mental and physical function. He addresses the notable medicinal benefits of CBD, THC, and the many Terpenes associated with Cannabis’s reputation for healing, and teaches how to be a smart consumer of Cannabinoids. He also shares techniques that will help guide and maintain the state of balance the body needs to function optimally with stability and harmony.

Foundations of Health will forever change the way we think of our bodies and our physical healing.


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“Dr. Eric Goodman’s new book, Foundations of Health, is a comprehensive and fascinating read that explores the connection between the mind and body. Eric has spent years studying human physiology and movement and putting it to practice. He has helped me gain a better understanding on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of being alive and how important it is to acknowledge these connections to heal. There are relatable metaphors throughout his book about pain in the body, which I found so interesting and inspiring.

The human body is amazing in its ability to heal itself, especially in stressful times. Eric expresses the importance of being curious about your physical conditions when presented, about how your body is reporting to you about the stress or situation. He helps us to dance with that stress. Life is a dance, man, and Eric is inviting to join in.

I encourage anyone who is interested in the connection between the mind, body, and healing to take a deep dive into Eric’s work and to dance the dance of self-healing.”

– Jeff Bridges, Actor

“Injury, instability and/or chronic pain can strike at any age. Even those of us who take care to respect and be good to our bodies all our lives – staying active, building strength, eating well – can still find ourselves in some way debilitated and unable to do the things that once brought us so much joy.

I have spent a good part of the past two years in bed struggling through a very serious physical breakdown. Now I need to rebuild my strength in order to be able to bring the Wasp back to life again. In order to build strength, I need a strong base. My base is so compromised from decades of injury, misalignment, compensation and over-working. So, that is where I am starting – with my foundation. I have only been doing Foundation Training for about three months, but already the skies of chronic injury and pain are starting to clear. I am starting to feel strength coming into that area of my body again and it feels amazing! My heart is so full of gratitude for Eric’s research, dedication, and passion to share his theories with the world. And I am so grateful that he will hopefully help me be able to do justice to this epic heroine one more time.”

– Evangeline Lilly, Actor