Foundation Training Discovery Workshop

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TriBeCa Health and Fitness – New York, NY

August 20, 2017 12pm-5pm

Krav Maga Institute of NY
TriBeCa Health and Fitness
107 Chambers St, New York, NY 10007


Certified Instructor Host: Nicole Medas


Cost: $495

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Perpetual Motion – Walnut Creek, CA

September 9, 2017 12pm-5pm

Perpetual Motion
Walnut Creek, CA


Certified Instructor Hosts: Rich & Elyse Edgren


Cost: $495

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Madabolic Austin – Austin, TX

September 30, 2017 12pm-5pm

Madabolic Austin
Austin, TX


Certified Instructor Host: Branden Cullen


Cost: $495

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Evolve Performance – Portland, OR

October 7, 2017 12pm-5pm

Evolve Performance
Portland, OR


Certified Instructor Host: Sherry Meier


Cost: $495

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What is the Foundation Training Discovery Workshop?

A 1-day hands on exploration of Foundation Training principles and exercises where we unearth the barriers and habits that create pain, personally teach you the exercises, and help you discover how to properly apply Foundation Training to your life so that you can achieve strength, health, and become the best version of you.


What will I Discover?

  • The root cause of most pain and discomfort and why our society is plagued with it
  • How Foundation Training is the “antidote” to this pain
  • A detailed understanding of the fundamental Foundation Training exercises in a hands on and integrative environment that goes far beyond the DVDs and book instruction
  • How to ensure you are doing Foundation Training exercises properly
  • How to connect correct movement with your everyday life
  • The ability to conquer your pain and become resistant to future injuries and malaise
  • Inspiration on how Foundation Training allows you to live your best life possible.


Why is this for me?

The day is focused on enabling you to lead a healthy, vibrant life. You will gain powerful insight into the science and unique philosophy that has established Foundation Training as a game-changer in human health. And our Master Instructors will work with you one-on-one, making sure you feel how Foundation Training can work in your own body. Our goal is that you leave the Workshop with complete confidence in how to apply Foundation Training to your life and see rapid improvement in all areas of your well-being.

Imagine getting exclusive backstage access to your favorite band, not only learning how and why they wrote their songs, but also being personally taught how to play and sing by the artists themselves. THIS is what the Foundation Training Discovery Workshop experience is all about.


How does this differ from Certification Training?

The Discovery Workshop is all about getting the best personal understanding of Foundation Training and applying it to your life. Our Certification Program is a 4-day intensive program where upon successful completion, you’ll be able to teach Foundation Training to others. Those thinking about becoming certified are highly encouraged to attend a Discovery Workshop before applying for the Certification course.

Cost: $495

What to bring & things to know:

  • All you need are some comfortable clothes (the exercises will be practiced barefoot so any shoes will do).
  • We’ll provide mats, printed handouts and pens for taking notes.
  • Lunch is not included, however, we will have beverages and snacks available.


Future Discovery Workshops Coming!

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