Discover our simple, proven method using the untapped power in your own body to heal your pain in minutes a day at any age or fitness level.

Say Hello to a stronger, more pain-free body

Easily practice Foundation Training Connect while doing normal, everyday activities like grocery shopping, brushing your teeth, sitting at your desk, even washing the dishes.

Say HELLO to a stronger, more pain-free body than you ever imagined so that you feel happy, rested, strong and ready to tackle anything your day throws your way.

No more relying on ever-increasing doses of pain medication or feeling like a broken-down shadow of your former self because injury, aches and constant discomfort are really slowing you down.


These popular beliefs are keeping you in pain.

MYTH 1: IF I IGNORE IT, IT WILL GO AWAY Small pains are your body’s early warning system to get you to pay attention before things get too bad. Stiff neck, sore shoulder, twinges in your lower back - this is how your body tells you to pay attention before these small annoyances become major problems

MYTH 2: NO PAIN, NO GAIN Many athletes have grown up with this philosophy - but it’s what leads to major career-ending injuries, often with lifelong consequences. Pain is NOT something to be ignored, lived with or just for ‘weak’ people. It is your body’s natural warning system trying to get you to stop movements that are causing problems inside your body. Listen carefully to what your body’s telling you.

MYTH 3: WITH AGE COMES PAIN Everyday aches and pains are NOT a natural part of life. They are a result of lifting, sitting, standing, picking up objects and all the small daily activities that we do without really thinking… but we’re doing them in a way that causes pain in our bodies. Instead of continuing to cause pain, it’s time to learn better ways to move through your daily life making those aches and pains a thing of the past. 

MYTH 4: REST WILL HEAL PAIN Well-meaning advice givers often spread this age-old advice to ‘rest’ your pain. Rest is important for letting your body heal, recover and avoid overtraining… but rest by itself does nothing to target what was causing the pain in the first place. And if you go right back to the activity that caused the pain without learning how to prevent that pain, you will end up in a downward spiral and eventually may have to give up that activity altogether. 

MYTH 5: SITTING IS THE ROOT CAUSE OF ALL PAIN Sitting is not a problem - in fact, it can feel amazing at the end of a long day! But when you combine sitting for a long time with things like poor posture, standing, walking and lifting things incorrectly along with other movements that can hurt you throughout your day - sitting can make the pain much worse. Instead, it’s important to retrain your body in how to properly sit, walk, lift and move throughout your day in ways that help your body instead of hurting it.

Push Back Against Your Pain

Modern Day Crisis 21st century life can cause a lot of pain. Hunching over screens, phones, steering wheels, etc. for hours on end, day after day takes our bodies away from health and into the pain and injury cycle.

Foundation Training is a Solution Foundation Training is a simple solution that gives you the means to change the way you move and correct the imbalances caused by our modern habits. No matter your age or your fitness level, this puts you on the path to health, wellness, and vitality.

Don’t let pain steal another day.  

Foundation Training Connect is the most effective way to heal your pain in minutes a day.

Train from the comfort of your own home

Foundation Training Connect will show you how to master our signature movements immediately from the comfort of your own home. 

Buy now to immediately access our simple and proven methodology with the option of working with a master trainer to create a personalized plan that addresses your specific strengths and weaknesses. 

With Foundation Training Connect, you will learn how to:

  • Understand how your own body works best so when you feel a twinge or pain during your day, you have the framework and tools to quickly adjust in the moment, stopping any further pain or damage from happening. 
  • Manage your own pain instead of relying on someone else to discover what’s wrong and diagnose how to fix it, or rely on prescription drugs and over the counter medications. 
  • Make very small adjustments how you sit, stand, lift and move so that you actively heal yourself all day every day (no special workout time required).
  • Become the strongest, healthiest and most invigorated version of yourself you’ve ever imagined.

This program works even if... haven’t worked out in years. 

…you don’t have 5 minutes to spare in your day. think you’re too young or too old.

Simply dedicate a few minutes a day to learn these simple and effective movements and within the next couple of weeks you’ll discover a lifetime of skills to feel healthy and strong in your body. 

Here’s what you get with the Foundation Training Connect program:

  • Step-by-step, easy-to-follow video instruction that you can easily fit into your busy schedule to jumpstart your pain recovery 
  • Simple tutorials on our signature Foundation Training movements that you can do anywhere, anytime (with no special equipment or dedicated time commitment needed)
  • Unlimited streaming access from any device so that anytime you have a minute, you can access your program and easily fit in your daily movements
  • Daily workout routines (many that are 10 minutes or less) that you can do while brushing your teeth, at your desk, standing in line for coffee or even during a commercial break while watching your favorite show
  • Over 2 ½ hours of lessons, exercises, workouts and bonus material.
FT Connect Workout

Now you can join thousands of happy clients who’ve already discovered the Foundation Training program and are enjoying a more pain-free, stronger and healthier body from the comfort of their own home. 

Here's What's Inside...

Fundamental Workouts

Fundamental Workouts contains 10 tutorials and learning sequences that help you take the first steps toward a strong, healthy, pain-free body. You will learn actively adapt away from all of the compressive forces we are surrounded by in our daily lives.

The great news is that you have the opportunity to choose to live in a consciously different way. Fundamental Workouts shows you how changing the way you move can build you up and bring you further towards health, rather than breaking you down and taking you further from it.

In this section, you will learn how to build a more powerful posture, which leads to improved quality of movement and in turn becomes a foundation for health. When you have a strong, supported structure, the things you choose to do with your body become more achievable.

  • Decompression Breathing Tutorial
  • Founder Tutorial
  • Fundamentals 1 – Founder with props
  • Fundamentals 2 – Supine Groundwork
  • Fundamentals 3 – Founders and Lunges
  • Fundamentals 4 – Lunge Series
  • Fundamentals 5 – Prone Groundwork
  • Fundamentals 6 – Foundation Series
  • Fundamentals 7 – Lunge Pulse Series
  • Fundamentals 8 – Test Yourself

Daily Flow Workouts

Once you understand what it feels like to Decompress your body through Fundamental Workouts, it’s time begin to apply these principles to movement with Daily Flow Workouts.

Daily Flow workouts challenge your body in new ways growing strength you didn’t know possible. By focusing on full-body movements that utilize entire muscle chains, the sequences in this section bring your body balance and stability. No matter your starting point, you will grow stronger and more powerful which in turn will allow you to perform better at everything you do.

Furthermore, Daily Flow Workouts deepen the connection you feel within your body and develop an awareness you may have never experienced. This newfound understanding of the way your body works will carry over throughout your day enabling you to sit, stand, run, cartwheel, or however you like to move with ease and confidence.

  • Adding Layers
  • Integrated Hinging
  • Short Flow Workout
  • Flip Flop
  • Slow Cooker
  • Flow Workout

Expand Your Training

Over 60 minutes of new bonus material! The third section is Expand Your Training where you’ll find tools, information, and additional workouts. The awesome part is that this section WILL GROW. We will continue to add lots of bonus material, content, and resources to enhance your training and thus your strength.

Bonus Workouts

True to Form Workouts

These two workouts bring to life the workouts that appear in True to Form, Foundation Training’s latest book. True to Form shows readers how to integrate and incorporate Foundation Training into their everyday lives. It’s a perfect companion piece to Foundation Training Connect because it deepens your understanding of Foundation Training and shows you how to correct and protect your body from the structural havoc our modern lifestyles and movement habits create.


Thousands of people just like you have discovered how simple and effective the Foundation Training Connect program is AND how easily it fits into your life. 

  • Whether you’re 17 or 97. 
  • Whether you’re recovering from an injury, haven’t exercised in years or you’re an elite athlete looking for your edge 
  • Whether you’re jammed packed and can’t fit another ‘thing’ into your schedule or you just don’t want another gym membership or piece of equipment. 

This program is for you if you want to get on the path to heal your pain, discover your potential and feel stronger than you ever imagined possible. 

You will learn how to train your body with a few simple (but not obvious) changes in how you sit, walk and move so that you can spend more time feeling strong, healthy and actually enjoying life…

… getting back into your favorite activities - salsa dancing, kayaking, bingo-playing - whatever your favorite activity is and feeling stronger than ever.

… riding your bike, heading out to the playground or getting down on the floor with your kids or grandkids.

… ending your day with NO nagging, irritating pains that make you dread waking up tomorrow morning.

... or even enjoying a netflix binge on your couch in your favorite comfy pants without having to pay the price the next day. 

What People Are Saying...

Here’s what a few of our happy clients have to say about how Foundation Training has helped them get back to what they enjoy doing: 


Foundation Training targets the source of pain – not just the symptoms – making it a longterm solution for health. It brings the whole body, inside and out, into balance allowing you to function at your absolute best.

"Practicing Foundation Training for the past 4 years has been one of the most critical decisions of my surfing career. I had recurring lower back problems when I was a bit younger, but since starting Foundation Training I have felt constant improvement with little to no pain whatsoever. My flexibility and stability are both the best they have ever been. As my career is growing and I am now surfing on the World Tour, I can easily tell you that Foundation Training is a huge part of my success as a surfer."

- Lakey Peterson, Women's Surfing Champion


No equipment necessary. Foundation Training relies on your own bodyweight, movement, and breathing. Do it anytime, anywhere in just a few minutes a day.

"If you have not, yet, heard of or tried Foundation Training, you will and should. If you believe that you know your body, you don’t. If you believe that you have nothing new to learn, you are wrong. If you believe that the modalities that you currently practice are the only answers to your improved fitness, Foundation Training will enhance it."

- Devon Mcgregor, co-owner of Balance Fitness, in Toronto. His mission is to seamlessly merge health care and fitness.

For You.

It doesn’t matter if you have limited mobility, are a professional athlete, or live somewhere in between, you can do Foundation Training and move away from pain and toward health and wellness.

"Pain takes away your freedom to do the things you love. At age 59 Foundation Training has given me the ability to be as active as I want to be. Foundation Training has given me freedom from pain."

- Cheryl, grandmother of six

Even loved by Super Heroes (or famous actors that play one):


“The human body is designed to thrive against gravity – else we tend to age rapidly and get injured. Foundation Training is the answer to my many years of research on the negative effects of sitting. It is a ticket to discover a more vibrant health life – no matter your age.”

- Dr. Joan Vernikos, Former NASA Director of Life Sciences & Author of Sitting Kills, Moving Heals

And now you can access the simple, proven, effective (and well-loved) Foundation Training Connect Program immediately from the comfort of your own home on any device, any time of day.



Just imagine a few short weeks from now…

1. You wake up each morning with a smile on your face and a spring in your step, feeling happy, healthy and well-rested from a good night’s sleep. 

2. You reach for your favorite go-to morning starters - coffee, tea, juice, smoothie, water - and you’re thankful that pain pills (and their dulling, energy sucking side effects) are a thing of the past.

3. You tackle your daily activities with a new understanding of how to sit, stand, move and breathe in a way that supports your body. No more suffering with daily aches and pains as an unavoidable part of your daily life.

4 You’re like a kid again as you pursue your favorite activities and hobbies, because you have a strong, healthy body that feels better than you ever imagined it could (especially since you have no time to waste hours at the gym).

5. Your family and friends can’t believe you’ve been able to deal with your pain without major surgery or some new wonder drug. Everyone around you notices how you move easier and how you’re ‘like your old self’ again.

All thanks to the simple Foundation Training Connect frameworks you practice as you easily move your body, create strong posture and naturally move through your daily life. 

Don’t let pain steal another day from your life. 

What do you have to lose? Try it free for 14 days. Test it out for yourself and if you’re not fully satisfied, we’ll refund your money no questions asked. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foundation Training? Foundation Training is a simple and effective corrective exercise modality that brings the body to its full potential by anchoring the pelvis, decompressing the spine and integrating muscle chains. It's a re-wiring of the poor patterns ingrained in our bodies over a lifetime that were causing pain, deterioration and inefficiency.

It's a way for your body to feel really, really good. There are many nuances to the program that work to realign and activate the whole body. Foundation Training trains you to be strong in proper posture with proper movement patterns so that strong, pain-free movement becomes natural and normal. When the body moves well, it feels well! 

Is Foundation Training for me? Foundation Training is safe and beneficial for the majority of people. Foundation Training is a powerful tool whether you're seeking relief from pain or the edge on performance.

Our modern world is compressing us. Sitting, driving, phones. We're not behaving the way our bodies expect us too. Inactivity and inefficient movement cause breakdown. By changing how you move in daily life you can dramatically change how you feel in life.

Some of the conditions we use caution with are: Spodylolysthesis and Central Canal Stenosis. If you have concerns about your particular situation, speak with your doctor before beginning this or any movement program. 

Where do I start with all this? Foundation Training Connect is a great place to begin your journey. This is the comprehensive Foundation Training program and comes with valuable bonuses plus the latest program updates. 

Our Foundation Training Connect program has the most up to date video material out. The course modules include learning sequences and workouts. It includes new exercises, workouts and bonuses not on the original DVD and book.

To get the most out of your efforts we highly recommend working with a Certified Instructor or attending a live Workshop in your area led by a Certified Foundation Training Instructor. 

If you’re interested in improving the lives of others by teaching Foundation Training, join a Certification.


How do I use the Foundation Training Connect program? We recommend spending about 20 minutes each day on the exercises. The first modules have brief learning sequences to introduce you to the exercises and the second set of modules has more structured workouts of varying lengths and focuses. After you become familiar and strong with the exercises in the first section, move on to the workouts included in the second section.

The first module should be learned in order, but after that it's up to you which ones you'd like to repeat and focus on! Although we have specific recommended daily programs to follow, ultimately you should always be the judge on if you’re ready to move on to the next level or not, particularly if you are experiencing pain from an acute injury. 

You can do one workout every day or more, you can mix and match, stick with the first workouts and move up as you become stronger and more comfortable with the movements, whatever feels right to you. You can even take your practice outside!


I still use the original Book/DVD, should I upgrade? We always recommend people practice the most up to date material available. Our original program is very effective, but we are in constant development and over the years have developed newer and better ways of optimizing the body.

We are so committed to your journey that if you’ve purchased a previous version of this program (DVD or Digital Download) from Foundation Training in the past 12 months, email [email protected] and we’ll credit 100% of your previous purchase price towards this program. (proof of purchase and some restrictions apply)

If you still want to use the original program try incorporating the principles of Anchoring and Decompression to the work. These principles have a heavy focus in the newer material and are exemplified by the knee squeeze and rib cage expansion in our Prone Decompression Video.

Disclaimer Your use of these materials and your performance of any activity described in these materials are done entirely at your own discretion and risk and with your agreement that Foundation Training shall have no liability to you or to any third party for damages of any kind arising out of your use of these materials or your performance of any activity described in these materials, including, without limitation, any special, punitive, incidental, indirect or consequential damages. As some jurisdictions prohibit exclusion of liability for consequential or incidental damages, limitations related to those types of damages may not apply to you. 

Each individual has his or her own particular medical and physical abilities and restrictions. Prior to attempting any activity described in these materials, please consult with your physician to determine if that activity could pose a risk to your health. 

The safest way to ensure that you accurately perform any activity described in these materials is to do so under the supervision of a Certified Foundation Training Instructor.