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Foundation Training for Back Pain Relief and General Fitness –

By Dr. Mercola Dr. Eric Goodman is the creator of Foundation Training, a highly effective protocol. Foundation Training focuses on body weight exercises that integrate as many muscles as possible to strengthen and elongate your core and posterior chain — which includes all the muscles that connect to your pelvis, whether above or below it …


How To Turn On Your Butt, Activate Deep Breathing & Decompress Your Spine –

By Ben Greenfield It’s no secret that I am a fan of intricate, somewhat OCD morning routines. From waking up to take HRV measurements and gratitude journaling to lovingly filtering my coffee through a stainless steel filter, to performing intranasal, in-ear and retinal light therapy to using a squatty potty, an infrared sauna and a …


“I’ve never felt stronger”: Chris Hemsworth pens introduction to new training book after using the techniques to target back pain and strength exercises

He’s the extremely buff actor who is known for his role of Thor in the successful Marvel franchise. And Chris Hemsworth took to social media on Friday to reveal the secret to maintaining his gruelling workouts, crediting it all to a book that he has written an introduction for. The 32-year-old  gushed about the tome, titled …


Foundation Training: “True To Form” – ABC 13 Las Vegas

Find yourself hunching more than you should? Posture not where it should be? Dr. Eric Goodman is a superstar in the world of “structural bio-mechanics”, and has released a new book that will put you back into shape.


True To Form – ABC 4 News: LowCountry Live

ABC 4 News: LowCountry Live interviews Dr. Eric Goodman about his new book True To Form.


Jeff Bridges Can Fix Your Lower Back Pain – The Late Late Show with James Corden

After asking Jeff Bridges about his meditation and exercise routine, Jeff shows James and David Duchovny a stretch he learned that helped his lower back pain.


“True to Form” by Dr. Eric Goodman – NBC 2 News: Good Day Live

Julie and Lauren talk with Dr. Eric Goodman about his new book “True to Form”. He also explains the importance of foundation training and what it means to your overall health.


Foundation Training? – Arkansas Online

Chiropractor’s pain prevention program focuses on exercises to strengthen lower back By Celia Storey Back pain lofts above the state on wings of black, red eyes searching, searching among the legions of the literate until they zero in on … What? Why? What did I ever do? “You’re not using the back of you at …


Stop chasing the six-pack –

By: Kim Katerba I know, I know. Everybody wants a six-pack. It’s universally known in our culture that once you’ve got those sleek, rock hard, sculpted abs, you’ve made it. You are officially strong and undeniably in shape. Next to flexing big biceps, people love to flaunt well defined abs. But somewhere along the way …


Is Technology to Blame for Your Back Pain? –

Yoga Talk Show – Episode 119 By: Lucas Rockwood   Eric Goodman is a Doctor of Chiropractic and also holds a degree in Health Sciences and Physiology. Dr. Goodman is the creator of Foundation Training, a system where he combines his experiences as a strength coach, personal trainer and Chiropractor to create a simple strengthening …

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