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Bryan Peterson, Professional Baseball Player

Foundation serves as the backbone of not only my workouts but also my lifestyle.  At first I thought that it would just make me a better athlete, but after nearly 3 years under my belt, it has done so much more.  It just makes you a better functioning human being.  I like it so much that everyone around me knows how much I like it because I talk about it all the time.  Baseball players sit on airplanes and busses and in dugouts.  We have actions that are always one direction.  Our backs are a mess, our hips are screwed up and foundation helps to right all those wrongs.  Everyone I come into contact with has some issue and I get to share with them the gift of foundation.  I know its worked in my life and in my friends life – and I always get a kick when someone I've never talked to about it comes up to me and says “Hey, what’s this I’m hearing about your funny workout you do, can you show me?”

Bryan Peterson
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Tim Brown, D.C. Inventor of Intelliskin Posture Apparel

...Eric ha[s] created the perfect storm, bringing together evidence-based science and functional training that is second to none. Their approach to building a solid foundation is my prescription for everyone from top athletes in the world to their mothers! Movement is life. Life is movement. And if you are limited in how you move against the constant forces of gravity, it is only a matter of time until you are injured. I know this to be true as I have experienced this roller coaster as a competitive athlete. Not until I retrained my movement patterns did the cycle of injury after injury end. It really is a thing of beauty to see such a brilliant melding of creativity and sports science built into a practical, low-tech program that focuses on posture, core, and fundamental movement patterns designed first and foremost to provide athletes with a solid foundation to apply to their chosen sport. I'll never forget what Derek Fisher said to Eric about why he chose to work with [Foundation Training]: ""I did not hire you to make me a better basketball player; I hired you to make me a better athlete."" True, true.

Tim Brown, D.C.

Totally changed my life

July 2014

I cannot recommend this product enough. I have spent so much money and time on physical therapy. Many therapists many programs, some helped more than others but ultimately I had to stop jogging due to serious back and hip pain. After getting my first job with good insurance I finally got x-rays, which confirmed that at 32 I had the back of a 60-year-old. Worn down discs rubbing on nerves causing all kinds of trouble. More therapy. I bought this book on a whim, read it, and found myself very skeptical of the bold claims made in its pages. I mean come on... it's not magic. Guess I was wrong. The basic routine in the book by itself already just lifts all my pain. If I just do that twice a week I have no problems, at all ever. I had problems walking before, I had all kinds of related conditions to my back pain like Planter Faciatus and what not. Now it's like a magic bullet. I am truly amazed by how potent the ideas in this book are and I strongly urge anyone with back pain to give this a try.

Yuri Kvichko
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