Foundation Training 2014 DVD


Foundation Training 2014 DVD

Foundation Training 2014 DVD

Eliminate chronic back pain, improve your posture, strengthen your posterior chain, and increase athletic performance, using our newest Foundation Training 2-disk DVD set!


  • Keith
    December 14, 2014

    I bought the book and video set. The exercises in the book do not exactly correspond with those on the video. Eg the founder in the book is not the same as those shown on the video. I’m not sure which sequence to follow? Book or video?

    • Dustin
      December 15, 2014

      Follow the form of the DVD as it is the way the exercises are taught now and improved for better results, but feel free to use the workouts in the book with the updated form.

  • July 15, 2014

    I’ve purchased your book, Foundation, and your DVD set. I’ve read over half of the book and will continue until finished, but I just started Disk 1 today. I am impressed with the video instruction. It is clear and informative, much easier to understand the exercises vs. looking at photos in the book. Disk 1 is suppose to be used for at least 30 days, but the instructions are not clear to me. I can only assume that the first couple of session teach you the movements and that the later sessions are workouts using those movements. I need a little more guidance. How much time should I spend on learning the movements? I would like to devote 30 -45 minutes a day to a workout. Should a workout include all or part of the exercises? How many reps, etc? The book is pretty clear on the progression and quantity of exercises for each level, but I don’t find that guidance in the DVD’s. It would be nice to have a 30 day workout plan included with the DVD or online.
    Thanks for your help,
    Paul Salazar

    • Dustin
      July 31, 2014

      Eric should have answered your questions in the intros on each disc. We are currently working on a DVD companion manual to help learn the exercises a little more and we are planning to add a few written workouts and some sort of an extended plan similar to the book.

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